Using Alice’s Words for Web Poetry and Prose Creation & Creating New Tenniel Printing Blocks Using Laser Cuts

Presenter: Jared Bendis

Bendis will discuss two separate research projects. The first is a web app that enables one to write open poetry and stories using the words and word frequencies contained in the two Alice books. The second project captured very high resolution illustration images to both reveal small details contained in the original illustration and to use a laser-cutter to convert the photographic image into a new wood block for printing purposes.


Length: 19:34

Speaker Bio:

Jared Bendis is the Creative New Media Officer at the Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship of the Kelvin Smith Library at Case Western Reserve University. An award-winning installation artist and photographer, Bendis specializes in virtual reality and computer graphics. As practicing commercial artist, he is co-owner of Lemming Labs Limited, which develops interactive media applications for mobile devices, and the owner of ATBOSH Media ltd. a publishing company specializing in traditional print media, game design, web design, and custom app development. Bendis holds an M.A. in art education, and an MFA in contemporary dance.