Lewis Carroll: A Poet First

Presenter: Edward Guliano

Lewis Carroll’s first and last published works were both poems. Lost or under-appreciated in the universe of his Alice books, the beauty of his photographs, his games, puzzles and mathematics is the centrality of poetry in his life and his creative expression. His talent for poetry was precious and prodigious. While his devotion to his Christian religion as well as to mathematics and logic were key constants in his life, so too, curiouser and curiouser, was poetry a life-long anchor and friend.


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Length: 37:06

Speaker Bio:

Edward Guiliano is past President of the New York Institute of Technology, and the author and editor of a dozen books and more than 150 articles. Many of his books were on the topic of Lewis Carroll, most recently Lewis Carroll: The Worlds of His Alices (2019). Dr. Guiliano was a founding member and former president of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America and is the recipient of two honorary degrees and the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for his personal accomplishments, social compassion, and outstanding contributions to American society.