White (Stone) Monday Terrific DEALS!!

Time to start your holiday shopping, and what could be finer than gifting your loved ones (or yourself) a Carrollian book, especially one sold at a discount?

Princeton University Press’s release in 2015 of the first (and only) trade edition of Wonderland with the marvelous illustrations by Salvador Dalí was a truly wondrous gift to the Carrollian world. The introduction is not the usual Wiki mini-bio, but a contemplation on Carroll, surrealism and mathematics. For any adult who wishes to read (or reread) Alice, this is the perfect edition to give them! And Princeton has offered a 30% discount to Society members for books purchased on their site through December. The code is CARROLL.

Diane Waggoner’s sublime Lewis Carroll’s Photography and Modern Childhood, explores “how Lewis Carroll’s photographs of children gave visual form to evolving ideas about childhood in the Victorian era.” Photographic quality is of the highest, and the text is of great interest to all Carrollians and students of that medium. Again, a 30% discount for our members through December is available through the code CARROLL on their site.

The Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll, Volume VI: A Miscellany of Works on Alice, Theater, Religion, Science, and More is the sixth and final volume in the series. It contains more than one hundred items that Carroll wrote on a wide variety of subjects, often under his real name. Drawn from separately published pamphlets, contributions to periodicals, and unpublished manuscripts, many of these items have not been reprinted since the nineteenth century, and more than a dozen are newly discovered. The University of Virginia will offer LCSNA members a pre-publication 50% discount on this volume, for a limited time only. There will be a special email to members in the near future offering the book for half price ($47.50 as opposed to the $95.00 list).

Blending Logic and Imagination: The Puzzle Art of Lewis Carroll by Marcel Danesi, PhD, is reviewed in the Fall 2020 Knight Letter, which will be mailed later this week. Nova is offering a 20% discount on their site. Code is Carroll20.