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A New Russian Collection by Dmitry Yermolovich

Dmitry Yermolovich, Professor of Translation at Moscow State Linguistic University and a fine illustrator as well, has previously published Wonderland, Looking-Glass, and The Snark in bilingual editions, which he discussed in “As You Translate, So Shall You Draw” in KL 97:11-22, and “Drawing the Looking-Glass Country” in KL 99:11-15. This new hardcover collection, Все шедевры (All… [read full post]


Introducing Max Sir

Chilean-born global citizen Max Sir is an artist, painter, playwright, theater director, actor, writer, and photographer who has exhibited in New York, Moscow, Berlin, Costa Rica, Washington DC, London, Athens, Paris, and Prague, among other cities. The world of Alice is a crucial part of his oeuvre. His Alicia comprises a theatrical piece (scroll down halfway), a series… [read full post]


Tiniest Alice Sculpture Ever!

On July 7, a segment of The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, a British television show hosted by the eponymous comedian/actor, featured the work of micro-miniaturist sculptor Willard Wigan, who first came to our attention in 2016 when he made the news by accidentally inhaling Alice as he was making his Tea-Party. Read about it in the Daily… [read full post]