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Crafty Alice

Renowned origamist Pasquale D’Auria’s take on Alice in Wonderland, using illustrations by Lá Studio and an adapted text by Alberto Bertolazzi has been published by Dover (ISBN: 978-0486820965). Pat Olski’s crochet patterns for Alice in Wonderland make another Dover book (ISBN: 978-0486807348).


Preview of Maggie Taylor’s Looking-Glass

Digital photomontagist Maggie Taylor’s Looking-Glass companion to her superb Wonderland, subject of Andrew Sellon’s glowing review in the Knight Letter (KL 81:43), is now available. The online photo-eye Gallery is showing six of her new images for sale, and the Catherine Couturier gallery in Houston has many others and hosted an exhibition from April 7- May 12… [read full post]


What card should the Queen of Hearts be in a deck of cards?

All ways here you see, are the Three of Clubs’ way!

All ways here you see, are the Three of Clubs’ way! This comes via Reddit’s r/crappydesign, the Comic Sans-loving subreddit devoted to horrifying style and engineering choices. User PingPongPresident found that “in the Disney Villains deck of playing cards, the Queen of Hearts is the three of Clubs.” Just, why?