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Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

The front cover of Children’s Fantasy Literature by Michael Levy and Farah Mendlesohn (Cambridge University Press, 2016) looks innocent enough (from a distance) and the back cover proclaims it “features the work of Lewis Carroll, Frank Baum, [etc.]” Well, in this case the old saw is right. The sweet-looking girl on the cover (a digital… [read full post]


Alice Through the Looking Glass: Autopsy of an Expensive Alice Flop

In 1978, Michael Cimino took home the Best Picture and Best Director Academy Awards for his epic, The Deer Hunter, and was thus given a free pass to make whatever he wanted next. Heaven’s Gate, an even grander Western epic, went spectacularly over budget, costing $44 million dollars. The critical backlash to Cimino’s hubris led to… [read full post]


1865 Wonderland Facsimile

So if you can’t exactly afford the genuine 1865 Alice on sale at Christie’s June 16, how about the next best thing, an “authentic First Edition Replica recreated in exquisite detail by expert literary preservationists and publishers Charles Winthrope & Sons … with a FREE gold-embossed dust jacket to protect its heirloom value. Additionally you will receive a… [read full post]