Alice in Wonderland as Dessert

From Blouinartinfo comes this tasty article about a new dessert restaurant  by chef Sarah Barber in London making Alice themed desserts, but these desserts are an artform unto themselves:

Here, desserts are as desserts should be: much, muchier, muchness.  For a start, Berber has orchestrated a series of tasting menus to take you down the rabbit hole. These range from the three-course Childhood Memories menu with evergreen favorites like rhubarb and custard, to what looks like the dessert restaurant’s crescendo: the five-course Sarah in Wonderland menu.  Opt for the latter, and a mere £42 will go an awfully long way to pleasing you and/or a dinner companion. Beginning with the savory Milky Way of goat’s cheese, wild honey and beetroot snow; and Chicken Foie with quince and brioche, so as to prepare the palate for a playful full-on assault of sweet plates, optional wine flights can also accompany each menu (think a bubbly glass of Prosecco di Valdobbiadene with the Milky Way). It only gets curiouser and curiouser with Berber’s fantastical Alice in Wonderland-inspired dessert creations. There is the Queen of Hearts, a concoction of raspberries, champagne and, yes, roses; the Mad Hatter, expertly assembled with black forest gateau, kirsch and cherries; and finally, Eat Me, Drink Me, made with Snickers and a chocolate malt shake you can simultaneously bite into and drink up.  Guests who know exactly what they want can go for the four-course Pick n Mix menu that lets them select from both a sweet menu and a savory one, including the White Rabbit with Acapella cheese, artichokes and black truffle; and Salmon Tart with silky avocado.

For those interested the restaurant is just off Piccadilly Circus.