Vote for Alice in Ice!

Vote for Central Park’s most beloved statue!
This Valentine’s Day weekend, celebrate your love of Central Park’s sculptures!
Central Park Ice Festival
Saturday, February 13: 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Naumburg Bandshell (Mid-Park from 66th to 72nd Streets)

Witness ice-carving artists from Okamoto Studio use electric chain saws, chisels, and picks to transform more than 6,000 pounds of ice into a glistening replica of one of the Park’s most iconic statues. As night falls, revel among colorful lights as the Mall becomes a vibrant silent disco with live DJs, all to celebrate Central Park Conservancy’s preservation efforts.

But which of four iconic Central Park statues will be carved? Vote here. For Alice, of course! (Anyone can vote, whether or not you plan on attending the festival.)

Whilst we’re on the topic, pick up one or both of G. A. Mudge’s fine books on the topic: Alice in Central Park: Statues in Wonderland and/or Two Alice Statues in Central Park [website on the way; currently available at Barnes & Noble or via email from Fotobs Books at].