Hello, Dalí!

At long last!!! It is no longer necessary to pay five figures for a copy of the super deluxe edition of Wonderland illustrated by Salvador Dalí in 1969. A trade edition has just been published by Princeton University Press, along with the National Museum of Mathematics (aka MoMath; no “outgrabing” jokes, please) – and it lists for just $24.95! Featuring an introduction by our president emeritus, Mark Burstein, and mathematics professor Thomas Banchoff, a friend of Dalí’s, which discusses surrealism, Dalí, and mathematics rather than the usual recap of Carroll’s life and works, it is a take on Alice no lover of the book should be without.

“How appropriate for this volume to appear as part of the celebration of the 150th anniversary. … Burstein and Banchoff give us insights into the genius of both Carroll and Dalí, and then we have Dalí’s illustrations, which are far distant from any suggestion of realism. Altogether, it is a remarkable voyage through Wonderland on a new plane—an enlightening and pleasurable adventure.” – Morton N. Cohen, author of Lewis Carroll: A Biography

“To those of us brought up on John Tenniel’s iconic illustrations, it seems unbelievable that anyone else would dare to attempt the task. Yet hundreds have done so, though none is as distinguished and few as imaginative as Salvador Dalí. This attractive 150th anniversary edition, which describes Dalí’s mathematical interests and presents his illustrations (previously published only in a rare limited edition), is greatly to be welcomed.” – Robin Wilson, author of Lewis Carroll in Numberland

“Engaging the text side by side with the artwork yields a myriad of interesting tonal effects in both the words and the pictures. It’s an entirely different approach to the notion of illustration. … This book succeeds in scratching the itch many admirers of Carroll and Dalí have felt for too long.” – Megan Volpert, PopMatters