Helena Bonham Carter to Return as The Red Queen

While many people were not fans of Disney’s recent Wonderland 3-D extravaganza film, directed by Tim Burton, it blew past all the negative reviews and earned over $1 billion dollars.  So of course, as we’ve reported previously, a sequel is already in the works–this time without Burton, who has moved on other projects.  Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska have already signed their contracts.

Variety reports that Helena Bonham-Carter is in final talks to reprise her role as the amalgam villainess, the Red Queen.  Whatever you thought of the first film, it would be hard to deny that Bonham-Carter gave the film zest.  So getting her back on board for the sequel is probably a very wise idea on Disney’s part.

Speculation runs rampant as to how scriptwriter Linda Woolverton will mash up Carroll’s characters and story elements this time.  But at least if Bonham-Carter is around with her outsized head and even larger sense of zaniness, there will be someone fun to watch.

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