The Nursery Alice is Now Available in Portuguese

We recently received the following note from a Lewis Carroll fan, announcing the publication of a Portuguese-language version of The Nursery Alice.  Thank you for letting us know, Mauricio!

“I’m Mauricio Coelho, a great fan of the life and work of Lewis Carroll.

On my summer vacation, I went to London and bought a copy of The Nursery Alice; I had seen a reference to this book in a letter from Lewis Carroll, stating that he would adapt Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for children under 5 years old.

I had this initiative to translate his book because I believe that his work is essential to instigate the imagination, just as Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” And The Nursery Alice excites the imagination. Therefore, the Portuguese language translation of this work makes it accessible to hundreds of children and adults who speaks Portuguese.  Until now, there wasn’t  translation of this work for the Portuguese language in Brazil or Portugal.

Each year in Brazil there are literary events such as the Bienal do Livro in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and Feira Pan-Amazônica do Livro in Belém, gathering thousands of readers, not to mention hundreds of elementary schools in the country where children’s books are read by the teachers.  So I am confident that  this new translation of The Nursery Alice will be well received by the Portuguese-speaking public, and by Alice collectors around the world.

You can find the book for sale on Chiado’s website.