Festival of Animated Films for Children Includes An Alice-Themed Entry

If you’re going to be in New York City between December 25th and January second, and you enjoy animated films with a Carrollian flavor, here’s a news item from one of our mimsy minions:

An Animated World, a film festival in NYC this week, will be presenting the theatrical premier of Eleanor’s Secret, a 2009 French film that brings literary characters, including Alice, to life. It was released in English in 2011 on DVD in England (not playable on U.S. players), or you can see it on YouTube (in Spanish under the title Kerity, la casa de los cuentos), or read about it on IMDB or Wiki.”

To see the full list of films and times for the festival (running 12/20-1/2), including the NYC showings for Eleanor’s Secret, click me.