1949 British Film Features Isa Bowman and Petula Clark

Here is another missive from one of our most active minions:

“Carroll’s Isa Bowman and ’60s icon Petula Clark? In the same movie!? Yep, Vote for Huggett (1949) featured Isa (then 75), her sisters Nellie and Empsie Bowman, and former child star Petula Clark (17, singing “In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree”). Also in the cast were David Tomlinson (George Banks in Mary Poppins), popular screen beauty Diana Dors (18), and Anthony Newley. Based on the radio series Meet the Huggets (1953–61), the movie is now available in a 4-DVD set called The Huggetts Collection, from ITV.”

Isa Bowman of course was one of Lewis Carroll’s closest child friends after Alice, and wrote a book about her visits with him, Lewis Carroll As I Knew Him (and later published under another title, as well).  She had a small role in the first authorized stage production of Alice in London, and played the role of Alice in the revival a few years later.

You can also find the set available from various vendors via Amazon.com.  To see a list, click me.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are considering buying these DVDs, they are encoded for Region 2, so they will not play on standard U.S. DVD players.