Simpsons Halloween Intro Includes Lisa as Alice

For those of you out there who are not regular watchers of the long-running (and frequently brilliant) animated series The Simpsons, we have a treat (not a trick) for you.  This year, for the Simpson’s 24th annual Treehouse of Horror Halloween special, they’ve enlisted noted film director Guillermo Del Toro to put his own bizarre spin on the show’s ever-popular (and ever-changing) introductory sequence, also known to insiders as “the couch gag.”  The resulting clip is already being hailed as an instant classic.  And to make it even better, at one point Lisa Simpson finds herself becoming Alice!  You may need to watch it more than once to catch all the horror and sci-fi references jammed into this slice of silliness (including liberal helpings of images from Del Toro’s own oeuvre, including Pan’s Labrinth and HellBoy).  It’s also nice to see some authors of the genre  honored briefly, as well.

The full episode (three unrelated stories) will be aired tonight (10/6) at 8pm on the FOX network.  But the inspired intro has already been released and you can watch it right here, right now!