Alice in LEGOLand

Tyler “LEGOhaulic” Clites grew up watching the Disney Alice in Wonderland film and loved its absurdity. It inspired him as he grew older to read the books, which sparked the idea of re-creating these worlds in miniature. When asked where he feels his work draws most from, Clites cites both Disney and Tenniel, whose versions he combines in whimsical ways that fans of either­–or both­–can spot. Clites has completed four Alice-themed projects so far: the Mad Tea Party, the croquet game, the hall with the glass table, and the caterpillar. Each has an extraordinary attention to detail, as well as a palpable sense of play and enjoyment. The projects are all made with off-the-shelf LEGO pieces and parts, though some date back many years, culled from his personal collection. You can see his work here.