“In Wonderland” Kickstarter Project

At our recent Winston-Salem meeting, we heard briefly from Ms. Amber Adams, a choreographer and dancer hoping to raise funds to finance a physical theatre program based on “Alice in Wonderland” in Wilmington, NC. As always, we make no comment or endorsement of anything we post per se; we just like to keep you informed!

You can read about it by clicking here.


2 thoughts on ““In Wonderland” Kickstarter Project

  1. Please share details at Alice In Wonderland Inspired Photography, Movies and Art Just click “like” at http://www.facebook.com/inspire1 Over 6000 Alice fans from around the globe.
    Good luck with your Kickstarter, we support you!

    George (Admin of Alice In Wonderland Inspired Photography, Movies and Art)

    1. Hi, George–If you see an Alice-themed listing on our blog that you want to share on your Facebook page, by all means do! Please include a link back to our site. Thanks. 🙂

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