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The Wonderland Transit Map – for when it doesn’t much matter which way you go

Wonderland Transit Map
Wonderland Transit Map from Think Geek

Your destination will most certainly be uncertain if you follow the Wonderland/Looking-Glass Land Transit Map for sale on a t-shirt at According to the website, “the red line is Wonderland, the yellow line is Looking-Glass Land, and the blue line is a commuter line that makes it easier for all the queens to get… [read full post]


Dame Judi Dench will play Alice Liddell Hargreaves!

Ben Whishaw and Judi Dench (also known as Queen Elizabeth I and ‘Q’ from the next James Bond movie). What might they have talked about?

Yes, our website is salvaged from savage pirates, and we have a lot of news to catch up on. Speaking of pirates… Peter Pan! (Sorry, that was a horrible transition. We’re a little rusty.) John Logan has written a play about Alice Liddell Hargreaves (the muse for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland) and Peter Llewelyn Davies (the Peter… [read full post]


Phantomwise Play About Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll at FringeNYC2012 Festival

Alas, while our website was down due to an extremely malicious (and really, what was the point???) hacker malware attack, we missed alerting you to a production at the FringeNYC2012 play festival called Phantomwise.  James, one of our blogmasters, remembers that this play was first produced for three performances by the Yale Dramat when playwright Oren… [read full post]


Carroll Publishes Wonderland One Day at a Time

Perhaps unique in the annals of Alice publishing, syndicated columnist Jon Carroll of the San Francisco Chronicle is publishing the text of Wonderland one sentence at a time at the end of his column, beginning on July 25 in one titled “Turning on to rainbows, and tuning out.” He had just finished publishing King Lear… [read full post]