Interior Design by Wonderland

She Knows Magazine “Fantasy Furniture”

When not the day of rest, Sunday is the day of home improvements so here’s a link to She Magazine’s guide to Alice in Wonderland-inspired home décor. Contributing editor Michele Borboa’s round-up of Wonderland furnishings includes a few I haven’t seen before, including a teacup chandelier by TransGlobe ($196) and a Cheshire Cat tapestry wall hanging ($109). DIY? More like, DIY not?

She Knows Magazine "Fantasy Furniture"



2 thoughts on “Interior Design by Wonderland

  1. The bookcase is wonderfully mad, if a bit pricey for my pocketbook. I have had fun picking up secondhand items and other goodies that look Wonderlandy to decorate my Alice-themed kitchen. I have some photos here:

    My favorite thing recently was a wonky planter shaped like a pale blue teapot. One of my friends jokes that visitors need a literature degree to understand the decor. 🙂

    1. It’s beautiful Jenn! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

      Do any other readers have Wonderland-inspired rooms?

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