AudioFile Magazine presents a Listeners’ Guide to Alice In Wonderland and Free Audiobook Download

AudioFile, the magazine and website devoted to audiobooks, has announced that for two weeks only it is going “mad about Alice!” – a remarkable instance of infectious disease control and an example to Hollywood.

In its madness, Audiofile is offering a free download of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, as narrated by Michael York, courtesy of Blackstone Audio.

This download is only part of an Audiofile Listeners’ Guide to Alice in Wonderland, “an online multimedia event where visitors can listen to exclusive conversations with Alice narrators, read audiobook reviews and recommendations, and discover more online resources about Alice in Wonderland.” Fans are also invited to discuss their favorite audiobook versions of Alice on AudioFile’s Facebook page.

Items in the the Listeners’ Guide include conversations with narrators Michael York and Jim Dale, and with Gabrielle de Cuir, the audio producer of York’s reading of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and of the recently released audiobook, Alice I Have Been.

One feature that sounds particulary interesting is “Three Mad Cups of Tea,” the Mad Tea-Party, read in turn by three different narrators. I hope some English teachers stumble across this one. The lesson plan practically writes itself.