It is Better to Give Than to Receive

Yes, we know Hanukkah is over and it’s too late to mail order anything in time for Christmas, but isn’t that always when you find the best presents? Let “Universe” be “Books” presents a round up of unique gifts to suit a variety of highly-specific gift-giving scenarios:

* First, is your mother, sister, or other beloved barrette-wearer a fan of Lewis Carroll and of the current Victoriana revival? How about something from “Steampunk Wonderland” pendant and barrette collection? Rivkasmom combines antique watch gears, clock faces, tiny teapots and little brass top hats into sparkling items of wearable, affordable and fashionable literary allusion. (Sorry, images on their website are copyright, otherwise we would show you one.) $15-$95
* Or… do you know someone who has always wanted to read Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll [sic], but just can’t find the time to sit upright and hold the book near his/her face? Bed Books revolutionary new sideways print edition might just be the perfect gift:

“The patent pending sideways text layout of Bed Books affords total comfort and eliminates the back and neck strain associated with the contorted body positions normally required for reading conventional books while lying down, and usually propped up, in bed.”

Instructions on How to use a Bed Book can be found on their website. Paperback, $6.95

* For the Alice fan you insist on only meeting in public places, we would refer you to A. P. Miller’s Beyond the Looking Glass, “Erotic Romance: Paranormal, Gothic/Horror, BDSM”, as featured in our previous posting. $2.99

* and finally, what could say “you’re special” and “I think ahead” more than a nice card informing your friend that you have pre-ordered for them an official Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland action figure? (Official release date July 2010). $19.99