Betty in Wonderland

Fans of comics from the 1950s might appreciate the Betty and Veronica Digest, No. 195 (June 2009), which leads with “Betty in Wonderland” (pp. 1-21). Betty is babysitting for the Anderson kids, who beg her to read Alice in Wonderland every night. This time she changes the story a little. Betty (Alice) chases Archie down a big hole to Wonderland, where she meets the Cheshire Dog and other characters. Milkshakes and burgers make her shrink and grow, respectively. Veronica appears as the Red Queen who wants to take Archie from Betty, sticking her with Dee and Dum. Instead of croquet, Alice/Betty and Veronica/Red Queen have a bowling contest with Archie as prize. Betty loses, but fortunately Veronica’s parents appear and help Betty escape from Wonderland.

Thanks for the heads up, Clare!