Strangely Awesome

“Ever wondered what it is like to be Alice in Wonderland? Jump down the depths of the Rabbit Hole and find out! ‘Alice Free Fall’ [game for the iPhone] lets you re-experience the dreamlike and strangely awesome decent, which Alice made in pursuit of the White Rabbit. Just as in Lewis Carroll’s novel your journey through the Hole will be accompanied by mysterious Cheshire and lots of other strange things – both helpful and peculiar. Sure enough, the game will unfold your own memories and fantasies of the times, when you were reading or watching Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Moreover, it was our intention to make it this way – a dreamy and entertaining tribute to the great work of the great author. For now, the path to the Wonderland is open, adventure awaits…”


3 thoughts on “Strangely Awesome

  1. Looks beautiful! But it would be nice to see them spell the author's name correctly. And make it for the Blackberry Storm… 😉

  2. I fixed the spelling. I was going to just say [sic], but I couldn't stand to leave it.

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