La chasse au Snark

Geneva-based publisher éditions Notari has just released a bilingual version of The Hunting of the Snark. The original English text is accompanied by a new French translation by M. Vertut and illustrations by the Franco-Swiss artist Jean-Marie Reynier made up of (if Google and I are translating correctly) collages of eighteenth century prints colored with watercolor.


6 thoughts on “La chasse au Snark

  1. Looks like a fascinating book. Just wonder how many versions of the Snark are out there. Too many Alices to count of course!

  2. Yes, your translation is absolutely correct, thank you very much!

    Luca Notari
    (publisher of this "Snark")

  3. I just updated the link to the publisher. The site is under construction and there is no direct link to the Snark book. I suggest emailing the publisher for further information.

  4. The Snark and I are hunting each other, especially because of my comparisons of Holiday's illustrations with illustrations from Father&Son Marcus Gheeraerts, Gustave Doré, John Everet Millais etc. So my wife is complaining about too much Snark. But as she is an entomololist, she may like Jean-Marie Reynie's version.

    ISBN 2-940408-02-5 or ISBN 978-2-940408-02-3 seemingly not easy to get in Germany. Any hints?


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