What’s With Alice?

Wonderland In Alice: The Uncertainty Principle is a post-modern trip through the worlds of Wonderland and quantum mechanics. …[it] follows Alice through the ten-dimensions of time and space as she searches for identity in an uncertain world. With help from characters such as the Schizophrenic Cat, the Syphillitic Worm and Tofurky, Alice finds her place in a post-9/11 world by learning to understand quantum physics, human sexuality and the power of choice.” Wonderland In Alice: The Uncertainty Principle runs February 4-28 at the Dionysus Theatre Complex’s L’il Peach Theatre in New York City.
UPDATE: More information is available at www.whatswithalice.com, which is working now, yay!


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  1. Hi…Ben Gougeon, director of Wonderland in Alice: the Uncertainty Principle here…the site is currently undergoing some maintenance and should be up again in the next day or so…sorry for the inconvenience…hope to see you there!! Peace.

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