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Alice Revisited

(c) Ellen Kahn Artist Ellen Kahn’s exhibit of paintings and works on paper, “Alice Revisited,” references the hall of doors in Alice in Wonderland and the garden of live flowers in Through the Looking Glass to “focus on the psychological struggle that is involved with trying to break free from childhood and move out into… [read full post]


What’s With Alice?

“Wonderland In Alice: The Uncertainty Principle is a post-modern trip through the worlds of Wonderland and quantum mechanics. …[it] follows Alice through the ten-dimensions of time and space as she searches for identity in an uncertain world. With help from characters such as the Schizophrenic Cat, the Syphillitic Worm and Tofurky, Alice finds her place… [read full post]


Jazzy Alice

“Tumble down the rabbit hole into a nonsensical world of riddle and rhyme, using two uniquely American artistic styles: musical theater and jazz! Alice’s journey into Wonderland features favorites like the Mad Hatter, Caterpillar and Queen of Hearts, reborn through jazz styles from Davis to Monk.” Portland’s Northwest Children’s Theater and School performs this original… [read full post]