Maggie Taylor Update

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So by pure happenstance (forgot to schedule an appointment at the Apple store to fix the laptop’s optical drive and therefore could not get an audience with a “genius”), I wandered into Modernbook Gallery in Palo Alto yesterday. Two seconds through the door, I noticed an Alice with Maggie Taylor’s white rabbit on the cover. The one, in fact, listed as “upcoming” on the Harn Museum’s website where Ms. Taylor’s photos are on exhibit (see my Almost Alice post)! It turns out that the book has been out for several weeks and not only is Modernbook the publisher of the book, but the photographs themselves will be on exhibit there from September 5 to November 4, with Ms. Taylor present at the opening reception (contact Modernbook directly for further information about the event). Of course, the book is also available on their website.


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  1. For British readers, there is an exhibition in Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire, the home of Fox Talbot!
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