Save Alice’s House!

I’ve neglected to mention that the Liddell family vacation home, Penmorfa, in Llandudno, Wales, is slated for demolition and redevelopment. Fortunately, the various Lewis Carroll societies and local historical societies have generated a lot of publicity in hopes of gaining historical status for the building, and a petition will be presented to the council and to the Welsh Assembly ( If you are interested in adding your pleas, you may send an email addressed to with ref to applications for demolition of Penmorfa, no’s, 0/34325 and 0/34236, or a letter to The Chief Planning Officer, Civic Offices, Colwyn Bay, Conwy, LL29 8AR (U.K.).

Not certain who took this photo, but all (c) to him or her, and my thanks.


One thought on “Save Alice’s House!

  1. Hello,

    We are currently developing a new website in regards to the ongoing work in Llandudno, North Wales featuring Alice in Wonderland as a walking trail around this Victorian town.

    We would like to link up with other enthusiasts and exchange photos of the ongoing work, which are being featured as a series of statues along the trail.

    Our aim is to provide the local businesses of Llandudno and more importantly those along the trail, as single web portal that enhances the visitors experiences whilst visiting us here.

    Thank you very much for your time today


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