Catching up

In case you were wondering, the best way to deal with a death on one side of the family and a blow-out 90th birthday bash on the other is NOT to get the flu. Just saying…

Here’s a few random Alician tidbits to catch us up a bit:

What does skiing have to do with Alice in Wonderland? Well, nothing, but that didn’t stop Winter Park Ski Resort in Colorado from naming some of their ski trails after the Wonderland characters:

Speaking of tenuous connections, when in Rome you can stay at the Alice in Wonderland B&B. Looks like a nice place, but no explanation of the name is given on the website:

Information on and photographs of Lewis Carroll/Charles Dodgson’s grave can be found at

From our British correspondant: “The University of Kent is offering a ‘day school’ at its Tonbridge campus on Saturday 17 May 2008, 9.45am to 4.30pm. It is titled “Two Eccentrics: Lewis Carroll and Oscar Wilde” and promises ‘to look at the backgrounds and associates of these two writers including reference to the style of their houses and the influences of the period … and studying passages from their work, especially the controversial Alice in Wonderland and Wilde’s decadent The Picture of Dorian Gray. We will see how their lives impacted on the society of the times and assess the lasting legacy of their literary work.’ The fee is £32 and the course code ADT014. You can enroll by telephone, with a credit card, on 0800 975 3777, or else search their University website for information. They warn that their day schools get booked up very quickly, so prompt action would be advisable for those who wish to attend.”