Let "universe" be "books"

Let’s start this all off with an explanation of the blog’s name itself: Let “universe” be “books”. From an auction listing of several years ago, this “original ink Manuscript lesson for teaching Logic, conceived in diagram format and dated by [Charles] Dodgson [aka Lewis Carroll] in the upper right corner ‘5/3/94’” is speculated to have been left in one of his books as a “page marker” – which seems only appropriate.In other words, this is a sketch or doodle of a diagram for a logic lesson he gave or was planning (more info at A Blog of Bosh). But what a fascinating idea: a universe of books. What bibliophile doesn’t instantly understand the concept? (And then add the modern idea of the constantly expanding universe!) Anyway, while this blog will by no means focus exclusively on books, Lewis Carroll’s books are the main jumping-off point.

2 thoughts on “Let "universe" be "books"

  1. What a fascinating idea! A universe of books, one of which books will offer a complete bibliography of all the universe’s books, etc etc etc

    I think your blog is an excellent idea and I really do look forward to whatever you have to say about LC, and of course, his primary work, the Snark.

    Onwards & upwards, with forks & hope and all that!

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