A Random Collection of Videos Relating to Alice

It’s a wonderland out there on the internet. Just look what we discovered this week…

Life in Five Minutes – Alice in Wonderland posted by dabitch on adland.tv with the caption “This is all I ever took away from that book.” (“What a pity!”)

Yasutaka Funakoshi’s Alice-inspired catwalk collection presented at Tokyo Fashion Week last October.

Lewis Carroll Underworld, a pretty song composed and performed by Boston-based musician Craig Robertson.

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A Little Something Alice for the Weekend

Then She Fell

“Then She Fell”; photo by Adam Jason Photography

If you are wondering what you could do this weekend that might bring a little more Wonderland into your life, permit us to offer the following suggestions:

If you live in New York, you could try to get last minute tickets to Then She Fell, a creepy trip down the rabbit hole staged in an abandoned hospital and described by the New York Post as “a fiendishly clever immersive theater piece.” If the show is all sold out, you could console yourself by booking tickets to AliceGraceAnon at the Irondale Center between October 21 and November 9. The play depicts an emotional collision between three girls: Carroll’s fictional Alice, the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane, and the anonymous narrator of Go Ask Alice, the diary of drug taking that caused sensation in 1971. Reviewers say it is seriously trippy…

If you live in Seattle, you could try and gate-crash the 110th Annual Conference of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association at Seattle University to see Amanda Lastoria of Simon Fraser University deliver a paper called “Selling Wonderland: How Lewis Carroll Built his Alice Empire.” In her paper Amanda will advance her thesis that Lewis Carroll was a publishing dynamo whose considerable business savvy has been little recognized.

If you live in Manchester, England, you could see Gaynor Arnold speaking at the Manchester Literary Festival about her new book After Such Kindness, a fictionalized account of the relationship between Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell. The event will be held at the Portico Library on Saturday at 6.30 p.m.

And if you live anywhere else, well, isn’t it time you started planning your Alice-themed Halloween costume? A good source of ideas might be this this photo slide show of recent and not-so recent big-budget, Alice-themed events. The slide show reveals both what a strange assortment of organizations decide on an Alice in Wonderland theme for their event (OfficeMax is one) and that the Canadian Cancer Society knows how to throw a good party.

Happy Friday to all.


Alice in Hulaland: Clothing, Jewelry and Hawaiiana

Alice in Hulaland

It’s hard to imagine anything less Victorian than the hula, but world-travelers like Alice always pay a visit to Hawaii sooner or later. Alice in Hulaland is a boutique in Paia, Maui, selling clothing, souvenirs and its own line of Alice in Hulaland t-shirts. You can order online or pretend you didn’t hear that and add it to your list of very important reasons to go to Hawaii.

One more piece of fashion news for you: back in May, a British newspaper reported that rogue Vogue editor Anna Dello Russo is designing Alice in Wonderland-inspired accessories for H&M. According to the article they should be appearing in stores worldwide next month.


The Wonderland Transit Map – for when it doesn’t much matter which way you go

Your destination will most certainly be uncertain if you follow the Wonderland/Looking-Glass Land Transit Map for sale on a t-shirt at ThinkGeek.com. According to the website, “the red line is Wonderland, the yellow line is Looking-Glass Land, and the blue line is a commuter line that makes it easier for all the queens to get together for tea.” But what happens if you try and change lines at Mount Jub-Jub, where in the world is the City of Charity, and will you ever find Dinah again? Proceed with caution.

Wonderland Transit Map

Wonderland Transit Map from Think Geek




Washington Ballet photoshoot gives a taste of next month’s new Alice production

Washington Life, March 2012

The world premiere of Septime Webre’s ballet Alice (in Wonderland) in Washington, D.C., is less than a month away and Washington Life magazine is readying the town with a front cover photoshoot for their March edition. Sneak peak pictures are below and more can been seen online at Washington Life.

Also on the website is a behind-the-scenes account of the photoshoot, which involved trampolines, live white rabbits, and photographer Dean Alexander snapping the camera at just the right moment.

Alice (in Wonderland) will run April 11-15 at The Kennedy Center, Eisenhower Theater, Washington, D.C..






Alice Starring Maki Onuki (Photo Dean Alexander. Produced by Design Army)

Tweedledum Starring Nayon Iovino & Tweedledee Starring Corey Landolt (Photo Dean Alexander. Produced by Design Army


Tickets going quickly for the Washington Ballet’s ALICE

Opening night for the Washington Ballet’s ALICE (in wonderland) is just around the corner and tickets are selling quickly. The world premiere production is the work of Washington Ballet choreographer Septime Webre, designer Liz Vandal, and composer Matthew Pierce. It is being heralded as a fantastical take on an already pretty fantastical story and the contribution of Liz Vandal, whose creations you may have seen at the Cirque du Soliel’s OVO show (the one with the insects), certainly suggests that this ballet is going to be a splendid spectacle.

Vandal’s costume sketches for the production were unveiled in January and were featured on the Huffington Post. They seem to promise a little bit of the familiar and a lot of the very strange indeed. Many more character sketches can been seen in a slideshow that accompanied the Huff Post’s article.

Liz Vandal

Liz Vandal

Liz Vandal

ALICE (in wonderland) will run from from April 11-15 at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Eisenhower Theater, with only seven performances in all. Tickets are priced from $55 to $155.


Pictures from a wedding in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is increasingly popular as a wedding theme on reality television and in life (one “credit crunch” bride has even described it as recession-defying). As ever, some couples go further than others. This week many blogs have been reposting these pictures of newlyweds Erin and Matt – a couple with a vision, to be sure. You can see many more pictures at BitRebels.

Wonderland Wedding 1


Wonderland Wedding 2
Wonderland Wedding 3


The Lewis Carroll Mad Tea Collection not available in stores everywhere (or anywhere)

Neha Hattangdi

Neha Hattangdi

The perfect Christmas present—if only it existed! This beautiful tea chest was designed by Neha Hattangdi, a student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She was asked to create a product line inspired by a literary author and the Lewis Carroll Mad Tea Collection was the result.

The wooden box contains three loose-leaf teas, reusable tea-bags, a tea strainer, and a bar of extra dark chocolate.

For more pictures of the imaginary collection go to The Dieline, the foremost blog for packaging design industry. Other great designs by Hattangdi can be found on her own website.


Alice’s great-grandson writes for Huffington Post

Hugh St. Clair: interior designer, creative consultant, columnist for the Lady Magazine—and great-grandson of Alice Liddell. An article by Hugh appeared yesterday on the Huffington Post: What Was the Real Alice in Wonderland Like? Her Great-Grandson is Fascinated.

The short article contains no shocking revelations from the family vault, (except, perhaps, his admission, “As a child I never read Alice,“) but it is interesting to see what the family is up to these days. Do you think Lewis Carroll would have liked one of these armchairs for his rooms in Christ Church? It is upholstered in Hugh St. Clair’s own fabric, “Large Oval Flamingo.”

Hugh St. Clair fabric

George Smith chair with Hugh St. Clair fabric


Venus Williams tennis dress inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Venus Williams - Getty Images

It’s been described by England cricketer Graeme Swann as “the worst outfit ever seen on a tennis court,” but Venus Williams claims the dress was “inspired by Alice in Wonderland.” Members of the LCSNA, what’s your verdict? Off with her head? Or does she deserve an elegant thimble?

The yellow lattice top, print skirt, and flesh colored leggings don’t exactly ring any Wonderland bells for me, but in a post-match interview Williams offered the following explanation:

Yeah, don’t laugh. But it’s kind of about a surprise, because when Alice goes down the hole, the rabbit hole, she finds all these things that are so surprising.

This outfit is about having a surprise in tennis a dress, and kind of, you know, showing some skin and then just having a print. Prints don’t happen that often in tennis. So it’s called the Wonderland dress. It was fun.

You can see more pictures of the dress at the Style Bistro.