"Alice is the New Black"

I’m going to try not to blog about each and every thing Disney thinks up to market the new Alice movie, but this one is kind of clever. To announce the first of a purported many designers creating Alice-related couture, an acrobatic Mad Tea Party event with jewelry by Tom Binns took place at the Magic Marketplace fashion trade show on September 2. View the video at Disney’s YouTube channel.

(Though, again, hello Disney, you have my email, you have my age, you know I’m your target market – why didn’t you send me an email about this?!)

Fun Non-Halloween Things

It appears that somehow I’ve failed to mention the very cool Gorey Details online shop here on this blog. Well, no time like the present, for in addition to their large selection of Alice-related jewelry, rubber stamps, books, cards, artwork, etc. (and this great clock!), they’ve just added t-shirts, buttons, and stationary with new Dark Wonderland designs by Crab Scrambly.

Dress-Up Alice

“Play the Alice in Wonderland Costume game and dress Alice in strange costumes worn by the characters of Wonderland, then click on the ace of spades to give Alice an item from the Mad Hatter!” This mildly amusing dress-up game from FlashArcadeGamesite.com appears to be designed for tween and younger girls. I do wonder if they got permission from Disney to use the movie version of the Cheshire Cat in the game…

Cosmetic bag

Japan always puts a nice twist on Alice… Check out this “goth style” black and white cosmetic bag sold by exporter Jbox.com.

"Attack of Literacy" t-shirt

If you look carefully at Joshua Kemble’s very clever “Attack of Literacy” t-shirt, you can see Lewis Carroll (right behind Shakespeare, which seems appropriate).

Sweet Smell of Wonderland

Fans of the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab‘s perfume, particularly the Mad Tea Party collection, will be pleased with sister company Black Phoenix Trading Post‘s hand-cast sterling silver perfume pendants. In addition to the Cheshire Cat pictured above, there are lockets based on Tenniel’s illustrations of the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, and the White Rabbit.

E.L.A(lice) and Ela (Queen of Roses)

Mentioned in the New York Times article, “Lisbon Comes Alive” (July 13, 2008), clothing store “Storytailors isn’t so much a retail outlet as a cabinet of wonders where the ghosts of Lewis Carroll and the Brothers Grimm haunt the racks. The 18th-century warehouse brims with hoopskirts, corsets and elaborate lace getups adorned with richly patterned fabrics and kaleidoscopic colors. …each year’s line of clothes began with a classic fairy tale, myth or legend, either Portuguese or international. The [designers] then hire writers to transform it into ‘twisted stories,’ whose characters and experiences form the basis of various collections. These literary-sartorial mash-ups, [include]… ‘E.L.A(lice) and Ela (Queen of Roses)’ (the tale of a schizophrenic girl that mixes elements of Alice in Wonderland and a Portuguese myth about a queen that transforms roses into bread for the poor).”

Clothes for young & old, rich & not poor

The Portugese clothing website dressing fairytales/historias para vestir has several dresses for little girls made with Alice in Wonderland fabric, very colorful, while designer Charles Anastase has a dress for grown-up girls with a black and white Tenniel design (on sale for *only* £240).