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Book Club: The Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll, Volume 6 & other works

November 21, 2020 , 3:00 pm

Speaker: Charlie Lovett, Editor
Host: Heather Simmons
Time: 3:00pm [EST]

Watch this Charlie Lovett presentation on YouTube.

The Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll, Volume 6: A Miscellany of Works on Alice, Theater, Religion, Science, and More. Published by the Lewis Carroll Society of North America/University Press of Virginia, 2021

Volume 6 is divided into: Theater; Religion and Morality; Science and Mathematics; The Alice Books; Circular Letters; Photography; Letters and Postage; Humor; Stories; Undergraduate Papers; Poetry; Games, Puzzles, and Related Materials; and Miscellaneous, along with informative illustrations, appendices, and a bibliography.

The sixth and final volume in the series collects over one hundred items which Lewis Carroll wrote on a wide variety of subjects. Drawn from separately published pamphlets, contributions to periodicals, and unpublished manuscripts, many of these items have not been reprinted since the nineteenth century, and more than a dozen are newly discovered. Dodgson here opines on the debate over children acting on stage, religious and moral matters, university affairs, and more. His letters to the press cover a range of topics from the eight-hour workday to the problem of stray dogs in London to life on the island of Tristan da Cunha. This volume greatly expands our view of Carroll and shows him as a social activist, moral philosopher, and maverick.

About Charlie Lovett

Charlie Lovett, a lifelong Carrollian scholar and collector, as well as educator, playwright, and New York Times bestselling author, provides detailed historical background and context for these writings with in-depth essays explaining why Dodgson wrote what he did and how others reacted to these writings at the time.

Other Carroll related work in progress by Charlie includes:

  • Lewis Carroll Formed by Faith, slated for publication by UVA Press in 2021.
  • A Bibliography of the Works of Charles L. Dodgson (Lewis Carroll). Editor, Charlie Lovett. To be published by the Lewis Carroll Society of North America. Unknown publication date. The book will revise and update information in the Lewis Carroll Handbook, and add much new information and items that have come to light since the handbook’s most recent revision (1979). The work will be organized as a traditional bibliography, including sections on separately printed items, contributions to books, contributions to periodicals, cyclostyled items, and miscellaneous other items. The purpose of the book will be to give both scholars and collectors a full and accurate description of the complete printed works of Lewis Carroll published in his lifetime. Much of the work in compiling this volume has been severely hampered by COVID-19.


November 21, 2020
3:00 pm EST
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