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Take Care of the Pence …

A £5 coin marking the sesquicenTenniel of Through The Looking-Glass has been launched by the Royal Mint to complement one depicting a Wonderland scene released in July. You can get them individually (£13 for monochrome; £20 for colored; £65 for silver; £650 for ¼ oz. gold; £2,440 for 1 oz. gold ) or as a… [read full post]


An Undebatable Success

Over 100 attendees from twelve countries watched in rapt attention on July 24 as four Carrollian titans amicably argued over which is the more scholastically significant, culturally compelling, engrossingly eloquent, all-around better book: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or Through the Looking-Glass? Dr. Jan Susina and Charlie Lovett redoubtably represented Team Wonderland, while Ellie Luchinsky and… [read full post]