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C. L. Dodgson, Mathematician, Posters

The Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford has produced a set of six posters called “C. L. Dodgson, Oxford Mathematician,” which are available for free download and, presumably, printing. Here is the main outreach site, on which you’ll have to scroll down to “Charles Dodgson,” or simply go here to download the .pdf. They… [read full post]


Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz

British artist Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz’s 2011 exhibition I Have an Excellent Idea…..Let’s Change the Subject at the All Visual Arts Gallery in London has just come to our attention. His mashups involving Alice can be seen here. For a hearty laugh, do enjoy his dead-on satire of overblown “ArtSpeak.” (Unless, Heaven forfend, he was serious?)