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Adriana Peliano’s Illustrated Wonderland and Looking-Glass

As many of us know, in addition to being the founder of the Sociedade Lewis Carroll do Brasil, Adriana Peliano is a genuinely talented artist. Her dreamy, “alicedelic” illustrations are collages based on colored Tenniels and the work of other creatives, often made kaleidoscopic, and full of puzzles and paradoxes. The two books are combined and have just… [read full post]


Lavish Wonderland with 150 Illustrators!

An extraordinary edition of Wonderland is being published as a 150th Anniversary treat. Each page is illustrated by a different artist from around the globe! (There will be 150 pages, not so coincidentally.) The project, which benefits art instruction for Mongolian and Chinese children, is funded through Indegogo. Watch an introductory video here. The book will be released in December at a… [read full post]