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Good Alice images on Avax News

Baby Leroy
Baby Leroy as “Joker” in the Paramount production of “Alice in Wonderland” (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images). 1933

Avax News is a website for interesting photos. Their mission is clearly stated: Every day, Lord Almighty is responsible for hundred thousands of fascinating and mysterious events in our earthly existence, which people gaze upon with wonder through the lenses of the camera. The most gripping of those images you can find within these pages…. [read full post]


Filthy Alice Masterpiece

Alice on dirty windscreen

A while ago someone sent us a link to this artistic masterpiece created on a dirty car windscreen. The image is one of several in a slideshow on the Italian website, though there is unfortunately no information on the artist or artists. Other masterpieces include portraits of Kinky Freidman and the Mona Lisa. It’s a… [read full post]

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Celebration of Mind II – Sign up!

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Can you change “100” to “CAT” by moving just two of these toothpicks? The above puzzle is probably familiar to many lovers of logic games, but new to the multitude who have not yet made the connection between mathematical problems, visual conundrums, and, of all things, fun. One man who spent a lifetime reaching out to… [read full post]