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Blog claims to have Lewis Carroll reading the Jabberwocky

While not impossible (Dodgson didn’t die till after the advent of sound recording), I was skeptical when this blog 22 Words claimed to have a recording of “Lewis Carroll reading ‘Jabberwocky.’” But I see they updated it with the comment “Oops! Sorry…This isn’t Lewis Carroll reading. Not sure how I made that mistake…” I can… [read full post]


The Henry Altemus Company’s Alices

“The covers are made from a number of different linen swaths. Some examples are below. For all possible pictures see “

The Henry Altemus Company published editions of AAIW and TTLG at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th Centuries. A website called has recently added a page about these Alices, with valuable historical information and lots of scanned images! I believe this is the humble work of scholar Cary Sternick, who… [read full post]


CNN Linguist cringes at 2010’s portmanteaus

Linguist Robert Beard (the author of The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English, which I’ve heard is a bit prejudiced against the Anglo-Saxon) complains in CNN’s 2010 Year in Review that his sacred English Language took another “fresh beating” this year, discussing the prevalence of new portmanteau words. New words and constructions like “Obamacare,” “WikiLeaks,” “lamestream,”… [read full post]


Occupational Hazard

Rebecca Shawyer with “Occupational Hazard”

Congratulations to Rebecca Shawyer, an artist from Cable Bay, New Zealand, for winning the People’s Choice Award at the 2010 Portage Ceramic Awards. Linda Laird reports in the The Northern Advocate: Ms Shawyer’s version of Lewis Carroll’s Mad Hatter is called “Occupational Hazard”, a delightful, and according to the judges “slightly disturbing”, figure which made… [read full post]