List of 550 Free Audio Books and 550 Free eBooks Includes Carroll Titles

Humpty ShoutingAnother of our resourceful mimsy minions has pointed us to the Open Culture educational resource web site, where they offer one page with links to 550 free audio books, both classic and contemporary, and another page with links to 550 free eBooks.  Both lists include versions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland–and intriguingly, the audio books list also includes The Game of Logic!

If your ears need some Carrollian tickling, click me to explore the audio list.

If your eyes need some Carrollian reading, click me to explore the eBook list.

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An Unabridged and Animated Alice for Tablet Computers

Long before the world knew anything of tablet PCs and iPads, David Neal had an idea for an animated audiobook that children could watch on a screen. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was the inspiration, more specifically the many talented illustrators who had brought the story to life. Fast forward twenty years and Neal has brought the story to life in his own way. As he puts it, “to make a long story short, twenty voices, three animators, an investor and various other help and ten or so months later, we have created Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, The 150th Anniversary Edition for Tablet Computers.

In the audiobook, classic illustrations are animated and sometimes merge into each other. Watching the preview, it is quite strange to see Bessie Pease Gutmann’s white rabbit metamorphose into Margaret Tarrant’s white rabbit and from there into Alice B. Woodward’s white rabbit—hopping all the way. Illustration afficionados might like to take the opportunity to test their knowledge as the scenes unfold!

The audiobook can be purchased via the website Alice Winks for $9.95.


The Game of Logic Audio Book free on iTunes

.If you were wondering what to listen to in your car as you travel between Cut Bank, Montana, and McNab, Alberta (about a 105 minute drive, depending on traffic at the border), how about downloading Lewis Carroll’s mathematics book The Game of Logic, read as an audio book and free on iTunes?

This work is a part of the Lit2Go collection, a collaboration between the Florida Department of Education and the University of South Florida College of Education. Lit2Go is dedicated to supporting literacy teaching and learning by providing access to historically and culturally significant literature in K-12 schools.

They also have a complete audio book of Symbolic Logic, if you’re planning a longer drive. If you’d prefer to read The Game of Logic as a digital book or online, here it is free in many formats at Project Gutenberg.

  |9        |         10|
  |         |           |
  |    -----x------     |
  |   |11   |    12|    |
  |   |     |      |    |
  |   |     |      |    |
  |   |13   |    14|    |
  |    -----x'-----     |
  |         |           |
  |15       |         16|
     COLOURS FOR              -------------
       COUNTERS              |5     |     6|
          ___                |      x      |
                             |      |      |
  See the Sun is overhead,   |--y-------y'-|
  Shining on us, FULL and    |      |      |
          RED!               |      x'     |
                             |7     |     8|
  Now the Sun is gone away,   -------------
  And the EMPTY sky is



Oxford StoryPods Nonsense Contest and Mad Hatter Lunch Party

Liz and Francis of Oxford Storypods, the talented folks who put out a very nice audio version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland paired with a great selection of poems and letters, have just announced a contest for nonsense writing in a Carrollian vein.  You can read the details by clicking here.  It’s a particularly challenging contest, since your submission must be very brief (max 200 words) as well as good!  Two winners will be selected and awarded the aforementioned Storypods audio book, which is well worth a little nonsensical effort.  The winning entries may also be professionally recorded.

7/20 PLEASE NOTE: The contest deadline has been extended to August 15th, 2010, to allow you nonsensical writers more time to flex your imaginations.  Storypods has asked that you keep your submissions to the 200 word limit.  The two winners will be announced on or about August 25th.

Liz and Francis also hosted a A Mad Hatter’s Lunch Party that sounds delightful.


AudioFile Magazine presents a Listeners’ Guide to Alice In Wonderland and Free Audiobook Download

AudioFile, the magazine and website devoted to audiobooks, has announced that for two weeks only it is going “mad about Alice!” – a remarkable instance of infectious disease control and an example to Hollywood.

In its madness, Audiofile is offering a free download of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, as narrated by Michael York, courtesy of Blackstone Audio.

This download is only part of an Audiofile Listeners’ Guide to Alice in Wonderland, “an online multimedia event where visitors can listen to exclusive conversations with Alice narrators, read audiobook reviews and recommendations, and discover more online resources about Alice in Wonderland.” Fans are also invited to discuss their favorite audiobook versions of Alice on AudioFile’s Facebook page.

Items in the the Listeners’ Guide include conversations with narrators Michael York and Jim Dale, and with Gabrielle de Cuir, the audio producer of York’s reading of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and of the recently released audiobook, Alice I Have Been.

One feature that sounds particulary interesting is “Three Mad Cups of Tea,” the Mad Tea-Party, read in turn by three different narrators. I hope some English teachers stumble across this one. The lesson plan practically writes itself.


Harlan Ellison's reading of Through the Looking-Glass nominated for Grammy

If you were previously unaware, there is a grammy award for Best Spoken Word Album for Children. The 2009 recording of Lewis Carroll’s Though the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, read by writer Harlan Ellison, was nominated for that grammy, but lost out to Buck Howdy reading Aaaaah! Spooky, Scary Stories & Songs. Well, Mr. Ellison, a prolific and sometimes irreverent writer, has already won hundreds of awards (according to his website) including the San Francisco Chronicle’s 1984 Most Attractive Male Writer, so he can afford to spread the wealth. The Blackstone Audiobooks TTLG is available on iTunes here, and where all fine Children’s Spoken Word Albums are sold (list price for the audio CDs $33).