Kristen Stewart’s Wonderland-Themed Childhood Home For Sale

Curiouser and curiouser.  Even if you don’t follow the gossip columns, or go to the movies, chances are you’ve heard of talented actress Kristen Stewart, star of the megahit Twilight film franchise, as well as Snow White and the Huntsman, among others.  Perhaps that second title should have given us all a hint; it turns out that Ms. Stewart grew up in a fairytale, Wonderland-themed home, complete with a giant chess board by the pool, and several Alice-themed murals.  The home is now on the market due to her parents’ pending divorce; if you have $1.75 Million, you can snap it up for yourself!

To view pictures of the property, click me.


Volcano Theatre Company Tours UK With Their Version of Wonderland

The Volcano Theatre Company is presenting an all-female, avant-garde production of Alice in Wonderland at various locations in Britain through November 23rd.  For more information about the show, click me.

And here’s a look at their rehearsal process, including a few words from the production’s director, who opines that (ahem) the original book isn’t really read that much anymore…!  (TIP: If the video doesn’t load below, try refreshing this page.)


Vintage Muppet Show Clip Offers Young Brooke Shields as Alice

Memory lane is strewn with many curious things, including Wonderland-themed musical numbers from various television shows.  Here, in Episode 506 of The Muppet Show, a young and charming Brooke Shields (whose singing has improved significantly since this very early effort) plays the role of Alice in a musical number about her trip down the rabbit hole, appropriately titled “Falling.”

All sorts of odd Jim Henson creatures float by Alice as she falls.  Doctor Teeth’s head is on the Cheshire Cat’s body, and he gets to sing the best lyrical zinger, one that pretty much sums up most Alice adaptations.  Listen for it!

Thanks to one of our mimsy minions for sending along the link to this amusing vintage clip.  (If the video doesn’t show below, try refreshing this page.)


Wonderland Style Office Suite in London

Wonderland Office SuiteSpeaking of the visuals from Disney’s two versions of Alice, now an office space in London has incorporated elements of both in a suite of singular rooms.  Want to hold your next meeting down the rabbit hole?  To check out the entertaining images, click me.


Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar Defies UK Smoking Ban

Disney CaterpillarFrom the “You can’t make this stuff up (unless maybe you’re Lewis Carroll)” Department comes this entertaining news item from the UK.  It seems a florist in Blackburn had a wooden figure of the Disney Caterpillar in her store’s window display, complete with a faux hookah.  A local protection officer was walking by the shop, and became concerned that the Caterpillar was breaking the local ordinance against smoking in the workplace.  No, really.  Or that the shopkeeper was actually running an illicit hookah den.  To read the whole silly story and see photos of the Caterpillar caught in the non-act, click me.

Thanks to one of our mimsiest minions for sharing this little gem of a story.  What would Lewis Carroll have said?


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Premieres Tonight on ABC

In case you missed all the advertising online, on TV, on buses, on billboards, and even the occasional giant mushroom out on the streets of Manhattan, ABC’s spinoff series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland premieres tonight (October 10th) at 8pm EST.  To visit the web site, click me.

Here’s a preview of the premiere episode.  It appears that this Alice has much to learn–including the proper way to hold a rabbit!  If you watch the premiere, leave us all a comment to share what you thought of it!


New Wonderland Game App From Disney

Whatever you thought of Tim Burton and Linda Woolverton’s film, if you were a fan of the visuals, you might be interested to hear that Disney has a new game app out called Alice in Wonderland: A New Champion.  The app is available from the iTunes store, and you can watch the trailer right here:

If you’ve played this game, leave a comment to tell us all what you think of it!


Simpsons Halloween Intro Includes Lisa as Alice

For those of you out there who are not regular watchers of the long-running (and frequently brilliant) animated series The Simpsons, we have a treat (not a trick) for you.  This year, for the Simpson’s 24th annual Treehouse of Horror Halloween special, they’ve enlisted noted film director Guillermo Del Toro to put his own bizarre spin on the show’s ever-popular (and ever-changing) introductory sequence, also known to insiders as “the couch gag.”  The resulting clip is already being hailed as an instant classic.  And to make it even better, at one point Lisa Simpson finds herself becoming Alice!  You may need to watch it more than once to catch all the horror and sci-fi references jammed into this slice of silliness (including liberal helpings of images from Del Toro’s own oeuvre, including Pan’s Labrinth and HellBoy).  It’s also nice to see some authors of the genre  honored briefly, as well.

The full episode (three unrelated stories) will be aired tonight (10/6) at 8pm on the FOX network.  But the inspired intro has already been released and you can watch it right here, right now!


Free One-Hour Audio Adaptation of Alice in Wonderland

One of our mimsy minions reports the release of a new (and free) 60-minute audio adaptation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by a Canadian collective known as Voices in the Wind.  After a quick listen to parts, I can tell you that the adaptation is quite loose (and Alice does not have a British accent).  There is also at least one Disney-esque musical number.

Click me to read an article about the recording.

Click me to go directly to Voices in the Wind’s web site.


London Toy Shop Offers A Cut-Out Wonderland Shadowbox

The venerable Pollock’s Toy Shop in London offers an “Alice in Wonderland Shadowbox” featuring black-and-white images you can cut out and make into your own creative display.  Their site also shows a couple of examples of finished projects.  To view information and images for the Shadowbox, click me.

Pollock’s also offers a few other Carrollian items for sale.  To view all of Pollock’s Alice-related offerings, click me.