A Very Special Chess Set

Chess Table from English Russia

Check out this beautiful custom chess set, featured on the website English Russia. It seems to be a work in progress but, from the description, we gather that the grand scheme is for an ornately carved table concealing a glass chessboard and ivory pieces. Turning a handle shaped like a flamingo’s head will activate a mechanism that lifts the board out of the table and ready for play.

The work of an unnamed Ukrainian master ivory carver, each piece is a highly-detailed rendering of a Tenniel illustration – white players from Through the Looking-Glass and black players from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. See the website for pictures of the man at work and a longer description of the project. Let’s hope that pictures of the finished work make it online too.

Lion Knight from English Russia

Walrus Pawn from English Russia


2 comments to A Very Special Chess Set

  • Sue Welsch

    It is my understanding that we cannot legally purchase Ivory in the U.S.

  • The Russian carve in Mammoth Ivory…the Wooly Mammothextinct for the last 30-40,000 years. Non endangered species. It can be sold and sent internationally without c CITES permit.
    Elephant Ivory Antique ONLY can be sold and traded internationally (chess sets) with a CITES license and permit, showing when it came into country and also being exported.