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New York Times makes “Through the Looking Glass” reference in their headline about Bergdorf Goodman’s 5th Avenue Alice-themed Window Display

Hey, kid-Wouldn’t you like to be on Broadway?And wear some Bergdorf Goodman clothes?Red alligator shoes, a golden anklet,And seventeen dozen nylon hose,Hey, kid! -Langston Hughes (from the Kurt Weill opera Street Scene, 1946) Alice’s New Musical Adventure won’t be coming to Broadway for awhile (it’s still playing counties), but she’s on 5th Avenue in Bergdorf… [read full post]


Arty Alice

Sue Johnson’s “Alice Redux” panorama will be on display at New York City’s Schroeder Romero/Winkleman Gallery Project Space through April 26. “The 20-foot-long panorama imagines Alice grown up and finding her way through a dream world cluttered by the flotsam and jetsam of modern consumer culture. Advertising images of everyday products appear alongside allusions to… [read full post]