Volume 6 of The Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll: A Miscellany of Works on Alice, Theater, Religion, Science, and More. Edited by Charlie Lovett

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O frabjous day! The sixth and final volume in the Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll series published by the Society is an essential volume for any Carroll scholar or enthusiast.  It contains more than one hundred of his works on the Alice books, the theater, religion and morality, science and mathematics, photography, letters and postage, humor, stories, poetry, undergraduate papers, circular letters, and miscellaneous others. Each pamphlet is accompanied by editorial commentary placing it in its historical context and frequently quoting from contemporary responses to these works.

 This volume shows the remarkable variety of topics about which Carroll expressed himself in print. It includes many pieces never before reprinted and more than a dozen newly discovered. The commentary provides a close look at how Lewis Carroll used his pen to interact with the world around him. The editorial notes reveal the provocations of his writing—what reactions his writing drew and how he engaged with others in print.

 This 616-page volume with 24 black-and-white illustrations will be available for $95.00 in 2021 from the University of Virginia Press. The one-time special price to LCSNA members is $47.50.

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