The Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll, Vol. 5: Games, Puzzles, & Related Pieces

Compiled, with introductory essays, notes, and annotations by Christopher Morgan
NY: Lewis Carroll Society of North America/University Press of Virginia, 2015
xix, 406 pages, illustrated; hardcover
ISBN 978-0-930326-02-9

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Carroll’s fondness for word games, puzzles, and the like comes to the forefront in this delightful volume. It includes: Court Circular (1860); Court Circular (1862); Notes of Croquet Castles; Croquet Castles (1863); Castle Croquet (1866); Castle Croquet (Collingwood, 1899); Puzzles from Wonderland (1870); Arithmetical Croquet (1872); Anagrammatic Sonnet (1877); Memoria Technica (1877); Notes on Lanrick; A Game for Two Players (January 18, 1879 printed edition); Lanrick (March 18, 1880, printed edition); Lanrick (December 1880, printed edition); Lanrick (July 1881 second edition); Lanrick (October 1881 third edition); Notes on Mischmasch; Mischmasch (in the Monthly Packet, June 1881); Mischmasch (anonymously printed version, November 1882); Mischmasch (final Court Circular magazine version of 1886); Notes on Circular Billiards; Circular Billiards (first and second editions, 1889); Circular Billiards (third edition, 1889); On Registering Correspondence (1890); Co-operative Backgammon (1894); String Wrapped Round a Cube (1892); Number-Guessing Puzzle (1895); Doublets; Notes on Doublets; Word-Links (1878 Cyclostyled version); Word-Links (1878 first printed edition); The 1879 and later editions of the Doublets pamphlets; The Doublets columns from Vanity Fair (1879-81); Syzygies; Notes on Syzygies; The Syzygies columns from The Lady (1893); Syzygies and Lanrick (1893); Miscellany; Games and Puzzles of Carroll’s Time – and Doublets after Carroll.

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