Rare, Uncollected, Unpublished, & Nonexistent Verse of Lewis Carroll


Collected and Annotated by August A. Imholtz, Jr. & Edward Wakeling
Annandale, VA: The Lewis Carroll Society of North America, 2018
xiii, 108 pages; illustrated; hardcover
ISBN 978-0-930326-11-1

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Two types of “unpublished verses” are included in this book: (1) poems and verses that have never before, or very rarely, appeared in print, and (2) fragments or references to poems which, through mentions in Carroll’s diaries, letters, or even in auction sale catalogs, are known to have existed, but have never seen the light of day.

The sources for the verses are Dodgson manuscripts, his inscriptions in books—usually presen­tation copies of his own works but sometimes those of another au­thor—his letters, his diaries, entries in British and American auction catalogs, and, in a few cases, previously published compilations requiring correction or showing significant variation.

The book is divided into three chronologically organized parts: the poems themselves, Memoria Technica verses, and a final section on questionably attributed verses. It includes previously unpublished illustrations by Lewis Carroll as well as new illustrations by LCSNA members Jonathan Dixon, Tania Ianovskaia, Oleg Lipchenko, Andrew Ogus, Adriana Peliano, Byron Sewell, and Mahendra Singh. Includes indexes.

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