Proceedings of the Second International Lewis Carroll Conference


Edited by Charlie Lovett
NY: The Lewis Carroll Society of North America, 1994
191 pages; hardcover
ISBN: 0-930326-10-5

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The second International Lewis Carroll Conference was hosted by the LCSNA on June 9-12, 1994, at the Graylyn Executive Conference Center of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. During the four-day event, talks were given covering the entire range of contemporary Carroll studies, from biography to bibliography, from literary criticism to popular culture. This book contains the text of all those talks. It represents a world view of Carroll, his works, his times, and his impact on society and culture. The following are presentations are included: “Alice and America” by Charlie Lovett; “Reeling and Writhing with Lewis Carroll” by Morton N. Cohen; “What Was Behind Alice’s Nursery Door: Behind the Making of The Other Alice” by Christina Björk; “Mrs. Hargreaves Comes to the U.S.A.” by Edward Wakeling; “Escape from the Real: Lewis Carroll, Alice, and Henry James’s Watch and Ward” by Julie Grossman; “The Tea Party That Hit Light Speed: Order, Relativity, and Chaos in the Alice books” by Stephen Haedicke; “The Nineteenth-Century American Alice” by Selwyn Goodacre; “Mind over Matter: Sexuality and Where the ‘Body Happens to Be’ in the Alice books” by Donald Rackin; “Memoirs of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America: The First Twenty Years” by Stan Marx; “My Twenty Years as Secretary of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America” by Maxine Schaefer; “Algorithms and Mechanical Processes in the Work of Charles L. Dodgson” by Francine F. Abeles; “What Took You Through the Looking-Glass?” by Elizabeth Sewell; “The Game Plan of The Hunting of the Snark” by Donna White; “Tenniel’s American Cartoons: A Civil War Extravaganza” by Frankie Morris; “Why Is Alice Popular in Japan?” by Yoshiyuki Momma; “Lewis Carroll as a Pioneer of Whole Language Philosophy” by Anashia Plackis; “Imitations of Alice: Lewis Carroll and the Anxiety of Influence” by Jan Susina; and “C. L. Dodgson: An Englishman Abroad” by Anne Clark Amor.

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