In Memoriam Charles Lutwidge Dodgson 1832-1898: Obituaries of Lewis Carroll and Related Pieces


Edited by Charles Lovett and August A. Imholtz
NY: The Lewis Carroll Society of North America, 1998
192 pages; hardcover
ISBN: 0-930326-12-1

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In honor of the centenary of the death of Lewis Carroll the Lewis Carroll Society of North America published a book of contemporary obituaries of Lewis Carroll and related pieces. The intent is to give a view of how Carroll was perceived around the world at the time of his death. Although the obituaries contain many factual errors, these are generally noted and can be attributed to the vagaries of newspaper reporting.

The value of this collection is to be able to share the emotions felt by the readers and witness the impact of Carroll’s works on the general public. Carroll was not just a great author; his books affected people’s lives and the way they looked at the world around them. We see the influence he had on his contemporary readers and can perhaps better understand the influence he still has on today’s readers one hundred years after his death.

Students are always looking to find a new perspective on Carroll’s work. There are many fine articles (like the one by E. Gertrude Thomson) that provide a wealth of new insights.

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