Enough of a Muchness. An Interim Bibliography of the Carrollian Publications, Drawings, and Ephemera of Byron Sewell


[Beltsville, MD]: Lewis Carroll Society of North America, 2000
20 pages; paperback

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This bibliography, issued as a keepsake from the Oct. 28, 2000, meeting of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center of the University of Texas at Austin, covers Byron Sewell’s Carroll-related publications, many of which were issued in a very small number of copies. In addition to his masterful bibliographical work, Much of a Muchness: A Survey of the American Editions of the Alice Books Published from 1866 to 1960 (1992), and his splendidly illustrated The Hunting of the Snark (1974), it covers his samizdat-like items ranging from The Adventures of Alice in Polyland (1973) to Snark! A Murderous Agony in Eight Fits (2000).

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