Beyond Tenniel: Trailblazing Illustrators of Alice

Presenter: Arnold Hirshon

Arnold Hirshon. “Beyond Tenniel: Trailblazing Illustrators of Alice.” Despite

common assumptions, the “long shadow of Tenniel” did not dictate the work of later illustrators, nor was Tenniel always the best or right. Even the earliest editions contained many underappreciated innovations that went beyond what Tenniel imagined or delivered.


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Length: 26:25

Speaker Bio:

Arnold Hirshon is Vice Provost and University Librarian at Case Western Reserve University. A collector of Carroll’s Alice books, he has a particular interest in their illustration. A highly travelled speaker who has given presentations and consulted in over 45 countries on six continents, he is also an avid travel photographer. He is the technical editor of the forthcoming Alice in a World of Wonderlands: the English Language Editions of the Four Alice Books (Evertype, 2020), which will include his essay “Beyond Tenniel: the Evolution of Visual Representations of Wonderland by Illustrators of the English Language Editions.”