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LCSNA Summer School Session 2 – Reeling & Writhing

July 23, 2022 , 1:00 pm 2:00 pm EDT

Watch Reeling and Writhing on YouTube.

encourage young kids to read

Introducing Alice to Young Readers with Becky and Jenny from LitWits and author Alyssa-Ninja Weis

1:00 PM Eastern/10:00 AM Pacific

Becky and Jenny from LitWits will be sharing their hands-on, creative approach to teaching Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, with an emphasis on the lessons kids learn while “just” having fun.  It’s a wonder-full way in to the wisdom of Wonderland! Because taking kids through great books in hands-on ways is teaching them for life.

Alyssa-Ninja, the creator of ‘The Alice Wonders’, will give insights into how Lewis Carroll’s writing led her to combine fairy tales with science. In the book, she answers the Whys and Hows that children ask as they fall into Wonderland. Making exploration fun and accessible for little ones is a top priority, as life holds many wonders that need to be discovered with enthusiasm and not encumbered by difficult language. Enjoy a reading by the author here.

About Our Speakers

Becky and Jenny: We’re sisters, the daughters of two teachers who introduced us to great books and raised us on an old apple farm in Watsonville, California with two brothers and another sister. We spent our childhoods reading in orchards and nooks, always stopping to taste, do, act out, smell, or otherwise “do what they did.”  When we grew up we did that with our own kids too, and in 2010 we founded LitWits and started “doing what they did” with Santa Cruz kids.  It’s been such a joy turning so many reluctant readers into enthusiasts!

Becky’s a journalism major who’s been a literature-based homeschool teacher, a graphics designer, and a newspaper staff writer; she’s also the author of a study skills curriculum. She’s currently writing a book about a prominent astronomer’s wife, whose 1930s diaries she found at the local flea market.

Jenny has a BA in English literature and an MFA in creative writing. She’s been a K-6 teacher and a K-12 language arts tutor, and her scholarship, essays, and poems have appeared in several journals. She’s the author of MINE, a creative biography of the woman whose land she’s walked for 30 years.

Alyssa-Ninja is a Vienna-based author and illustrator whose curiosity led her from digital media management to authorship and self-publishing. Her signature graphic style involves bright colors, hand lettered, and sweetly playful motives. She is currently delving into new ways of engaging people via exploration through online and offline formats; a primary outlet is the sharing of her creative process on Medium.



July 23, 2022
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT
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