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Lewis Carroll became interested in photography in the infancy of this scientific art form. He was a man of infinite patience and one who paid attention to the smallest detail. These qualities were mandatory to be a photographer in the 1850’s. The wet collodion process was demanding indeed. It is thought that he gave up photography when the dry developing process came to the fore, because he felt it made photography so easy that almost anyone could do it (like the introduction of digital photography in our own time?). He is considered one of the best amateur photographers of his time, particularly in his images of Victorian children, but he also photographed friends, family, fellow scholars, and noted figures of his day, including Alfred Lord Tennyson, and members of the Rossetti family.

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Photography by Carroll

  • Photos at HRC University of Texas at Austin
    • Skeffington Hume Dodgson with fishing gear, August 1856
    • Dido, a dog belonging to Carroll’s brother Wilfred Dodgson, ca 1857
    • Mary and Charlotte Webster and Margaret Gatey, ca 1857
    • Margaret Anne and Henrietta Mary Lutwidge playing chess, ca 1859
  • Photos of Alice Liddell plus many others. Thanks to J. David Sapir at the University of Virginia.
  • Photographs from the Princeton University collection . This is a great collection of Dodgson’s photographs. Keep clicking on the small images until you get to the large image.
  • Queen Eleanor and Fair Rosamund

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