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Nov 6, 2010New York, New York
New York Institute of Technology
Talk – Edward Guiliano “Greetings, and A Few Wise Words About Martin Gardner‚”
Talk – Oleg Lipchenko “Butcher in the Ruff: Rendering the Snark (A Work in Progress)‚”
Talk – Adam Gopnik “Looking-Glass and Broken Mirror: Honoring the Spirit of Lewis Carroll‚”
Talk – Jenny Woolf “Viewing Lewis Carroll as a Real Person‚”
Talk – Cathy Rubin w/Andrew Sellon “The Real Alice Liddell: A Conversation with Pictures‚”
Talk – Andrew Sellon “Meeting Mr. Dodgson: One Carrollian’s Journey‚”
KL 85
Apr 24, 2010Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rosenbach Museum & Library
Talk – Andy Malcolm “Alice in Foleyland: Sound Effects for Tim Burton’s Alice film”
Talk – Nancy Wiley “Creating My Illustrations for Wonderland”
Talk – Maria Tatar “Important-Unimportant: Making Sense of Nonsense”
KL 84
Oct 16-17, 2009Fort Lee, New Jersey
Fort Lee Historic Park Visitor Center
Talk – Screening of 1910 Edison movie, introduced by David Schaefer
Talk – Prof. Richard Koszarski “Fort Lee Wonderland: Why Was the First Alice in Wonderland Talkie Made in New Jersey?”
Talk – Alan Tannenbaum “Alice Strips for the Screen” (film strips, that is!)
Talk – Dr. Greg Bowers “Timid and Tremulous Sounds: What Film Scores Should Like To Explain About Alice’s Adventures”
Talk – David Schaefer “Alice Speaks!” Screening, followed by discussion of the 1931 Bud Pollard movie
KL 83
May 9, 2009Santa Fe, New Mexico
Talk – Panel discussion with members of Theaterwork “From the Page to the Stage: Mounting a Theatrical Production of La Guida di Bragia”
Talk – Gerald Fried “Composing The Chess Game,” with live chamber music performance
Talk – Panel with illustrator Jonathan Dixon, editor Mark Burstein, designer Andrew Ogus: “The Printed Page: The Making of the LCSNA’s edition of La Guida di Bragia”
Private performance of La Guida di Bragia by Theaterwork
KL 82
Oct 25, 2008New York, New York
Fales Library in Bobst Library,
New York University
Talk – Jon Scieszka “And Alice for All: The Challenges of Adapting Lewis Carroll for a 21st-Century Storybook Audience”
Talk – Nancy Willard “The Invisible Teacher”
Talk – Peter Westergaard “Alice in Opera-land”
Talk – Mahendra Singh “A Surrealist’s Snark Hunt”
KL 81
Apr 25-27, 2008Washington, D.C. and Environs
Rosenwald Room of the Library of Congress
Fairland Library in Burtonsville, Maryland
Home of August & Clare Imholtz (Beltsville, Maryland),
Home of Ellie & Ken Salins (Silver Spring, Maryland),
Home of David & Mary Schaefer (Silver Spring, Maryland),
Home of Matt & Wendy Lane Crandall (Burke, Virginia)
National Gallery of Art
Talk – Professor Mark Goodacre “Charles Dodgson and the Conventions of Victorian Piety”
Talk – Oleg Lipchenko “Drawing Treacle Well: Some Thoughts about Illustrating Alice”
Auction: Joel Birenbaum, auctioneer
Exhibit – Mark Dimunation led a tour of the Library of Congress, showing us the Lewis Carroll Scrapbook and other Carroll holdings
Exhibit – The Imholtz Collection
Exhibit – The Schaefer Collection
Exhibit – The Salins Collection
Exhibit – The Crandall Disney Alice Collection
Exhibit – Early British photography at the National Gallery of Art
KL 80
Oct 13, 2007Seattle, Washington
Seattle Public Library (Central)
Talk – Tommy Kovac “Wonderland: Disney Gets Edgy With Slave Labor Comics”
Talk – Iain McCaig “We’re All Mad Here: On the Insanity of Creating Another Illustrated Alice”
Talk – Jack Prelutsky “All Sorts of Nonsense: Looking Back on Lands of Wonder”
Talk – Alan Tannenbaum “Alice in (and out of) Copyright-land”
Exhibit – Jodee Fenton leading a private tour of the Library and select Victorian holdings
KL 79
Apr 14, 2007New York, New York
Butler Library in Columbia University
75th Anniversary of Alice Hargreaves’ Visit to Columbia
Talk – David Schaefer on Mrs. Hargreaves’ 1932 visit, with screening of newsreel
Talk – Amirouche Moktefi “Logical Writings By and About Lewis Carroll”
Talk – Bryan Talbot “The Real-Life Inspirations Behind Alice in Sunderland”
Talk – Michael Patrick Hearn and Selwyn Goodacre “Tell Me Where Is Fancy Bred?: How Annotators Find the Reality Beneath the Fiction”
Exhibit – Screening of Dreamchild
KL 78
Nov 4, 2006New York, New York
Fales Library in Bobst Library,
New York University
Talk – Peter Glassman on his Books of Wonder editions
Talk – Adam Gopnik on Martin Gardner’s Annotated Snark
Talk – Clare Imholtz on her Sylvie and Bruno bibliography, written with Byron Sewell
Talk – Peggy Guest on her Snark illustrations
KL ??
Mar 31-Apr 1, 2006Los Angeles, California
Doheny Library at the University Park Campus
of the University of Southern California
Huntington Museum and Library
“Lewis Carroll and the Idea of Childhood” Conference
Talk – Professor Jim Kincaid “Lewis Carroll and the Idea of Childhood”
Talk – Professor Hilary Schor “Realism’s Alice: Making the Heroine Curiouser”
Talk – Professor Gina Barecca “Alice and Dorothy: Why These Two Babes in Boyland Don’t Surrender”
Talk – Professor Catherine Robson “Reciting Alice: What Is the Use of a Book Without Poems?”
Talk – Jeffrey Eger on Dodgson at Auction 1893- 1999
Talk – Professor Robert Polhemus “Lewis Carroll and the Idolatry of the Child”
Talk – Jim Kincaid and Gina Barecca “St. Peter Interviews C. L. Dodgson”
Talk – Diane Waggoner “Little Men: Dodgson’s Photographs of Boys”
Talk – Professor Robin Lakoff “Who Wrote Sylvie and Bruno, and Why Did He Write It?”
Talk – Professor Carol Mavor “For-getting to Eat: Alice’s Mouthing Metonymy”
Talk – Selwyn Goodacre “Towards an Analytical Commentary on Alice’s Adventures”
Talk – Panel discussion with above speakers
Exhibit – Selections from the Cassady Collection
Exhibit – Victor Huerta’s Alice paintings at the Caracola Gallery
KL ??
Oct 15, 2005Des Moines, Iowa
Iowa State Historical Building
Talk – David Schaefer introduced and screened excerpts from nine Alice films
Talk – Dr. Genevieve Brunet Smith “Portrait of an Artist”
Talk – Dr. Frankie Morris on John Tenniel
Talk – Dr. Frankie Morris “Attitudes, Misery, and Purring When You’re Pleased”
Talk – Alan Tannenbaum (moderator), August A. Imholtz, Jr., Joel Birenbaum, and Mark Burstein in a panel discussion on collecting
Exhibit – Mary Kline-Misol Alice Cycle retrospective “Discover Victorian Iowa”
KL 77
Apr 30, 2005New York, New York
Main New York Public Library 42nd Street
Talk – Morris Grossman “Lewis Carroll: Pedophile and/or Platonist”
Talk – Monica Edinger “The Many Faces of Alice”
Talk – Alan Tannenbaum “Lewis Carroll’s Nyctograph and Square Alphabet”
Exhibit – Highlights from the Berg Collection
KL 75
Oct 24, 2004Fresno, California
California State University, Fresno
Talk – Angelica Carpenter “Accelerated Reader in Wonderland”
Talk – Peter Hanff “Full Leisurely We Glide: Origins of Alice”
Talk – Hilda Bohem tribute
Talk – Linda Sunshine on writing All Things Alice
Talk – Robert Sabuda on his pop-up Wonderland
Talk – Selections from a musical, Wonderland, by the Bullard School Exhibit – Highlights from the Arne Nixon Center and Bohem collections
KL 74
May 8, 2004Cambridge, Massachusetts
Houghton Library,
Harvard University
Talk – Frederick Lake “Folkloric Aspects of Alice in Wonderland”
Talk – Will Brooker “The Man in White Paper: Lewis Carroll in British Journalism, 1992- 2004”
Talk – Charles Lovett “Lewis Carroll, Shepherd of Books”
Talk – Dr. Anashia Plackis “Oxford’s Trojan Horse: Lewis Carroll’s Covert Drama”
Talk – Selwyn Goodacre “Annotated Tenniel”
Exhibit – Highlights from the Amory Collection
KL 73
Oct 24, 2003New York, New York
Fales Library in Bobst Library,
New York University
Talk – Edward Wakeling “Lewis Carroll’s Artistic Mind’s Eye”
Talk – Morton Cohen “Facts and Fictions”
Talk – Andrew Sellon, Elizabeth London, and Tim Sheahan performed an expanded version of Sellon’s play “Through the Looking-Glass Darkly”
KL 72
Apr 11, 2003Chicago, Illinois
Newberry Library
Home of Joel & Debbie Birenbaum
Talk – Doug Hofstadter “The Surrealistic Curvature of Semantic Space Around a Neutron Star”
Talk – Ruth Berman “Alice as Fairytale and Non-Fairytale”
Talk – George Bodmer “All Eyes on Dr. Rosenbach”
Exhibit – Highlights from the Newberry Library
Exhibit – The Birenbaum Collection
KL 71
Nov 2, 2002San Francisco, California
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Cartoon Art Museum
Talk – Koen Lien on his designs for the “Alice’s Wonderland: A Most Curious Adventure” exhibit
Talk – Andy Malcolm and George Pastic, premier screening of their short film Sincerely Yours, Lewis Carroll
Talk – Doug Nickel “Curating Dreaming in Pictures”
Exhibit – Dreaming in Pictures: The Photography of Lewis Carroll at SFMOMA, with tours led by curator Doug Nickel
Exhibit – Original art from the Permanent Collection and a temporary Exhibit – of Alice comic books at the Cartoon Art Museum
KL 70
Apr 13, 2002Princeton, New Jersey
Princeton University
Talk – Lorraine Levender Whittlesey on her recent composition, “Memoria Technica”
Talk – Professor Ulrich Knoepflmacher “Maurice [Sendak] in Wonderland, and What He Found There”
Talk – Professor Donald J. Gray, “Carrollian Studies Today”
Exhibit – Highlights from the Cotsen Children’s Library
KL 69
Oct 27, 2001Pasadena, California
Tam O’Shanter Inn
Walt Disney Studios
Talk – Charles Solomon (moderator), Dan Singer, Kathryn Beaumont-Levine (Disney’s Alice) in a panel discussion, “The Making of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland”
Talk – Showing of Disney’s 1951 Alice in Wonderland, followed by Q&A
Exhibit – Holdings from the Disney Archives
Exhibit – The Dan Singer Collection Original art from DeLoss McGraw’s Alice at the Skidmore Gallery
KL 68
Apr 21, 2001New York, New York
Fales Library in Bobst Library,
New York University
Talk – Professor Morton Cohen “Lewis Carroll in Greenwich Village”
Talk – Roberta Rogow “Mr Dodgson of Christ Church”
Talk – Hugues Lebailly “Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s Infatuation with the Weaker and More Aesthetic Sex Re-examined”
Talk – Professor Nina Demourova “LobaNov on Russian Translators”
Exhibit – Sotheby’s pre-opening reception for the Jun 6th auction of the Liddell Family holdings
KL 67
Oct 28, 2000Austin, Texas
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center,
University of Texas at Austin
Talk – Dr. Sandor G. Burstein on Byron Sewell
Talk – Roy Flukinger “After Words: Dodgson’s Photography”
Talk – Edward Wakeling “Bringing Lewis Carroll’s Photography into Better Focus”
Talk – Charles Lovett (moderator), Dr. Francine Abeles, and August A. Imholtz, Jr. in a panel discussion, “Warren Weaver: Scientist, Humanitarian, Carrollian”
Talk – August A. Imholtz, Jr. “Warren and the Pirates”
Talk – William Jay Smith “Lewis Carroll as Poet: Dream and Nightmare?”
Talk – Selwyn Goodacre “On Memory”
Exhibit – Highlights of the Ransom, Gernsheim, and Sewell collections at HRC
KL 66
Apr 15, 2000New York, New York
Fales Library in Bobst Library,
New York University
Talk – Gilbert Hetherwick: selections from his musical, Dreams for Alice, performed live
Talk – August A. Imholtz, Jr. on Liddell and Scott’s and other lexicons
Talk – Charles Lovett “The Blackburn Collection”
KL 65
Oct 22-24, 1999Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Fisher Rare Book Library, St. George Campus,
University of Toronto
The Osborne Library
The Royal Canadian Military Institute
The Art Gallery of Ontario
Talk – Nicolas Maes on Joe Brabant
Talk – Fernando Soto “‘What I Tell You Three Times Is True’: A Medial Maxim and Diagnosis for Carroll’s Snark”
Talk – Leslie McGrath on children’s books that influenced Carroll
Talk – George Walker, Bill Poole, and Andy Malcolm on the Cheshire Cat Press’s Alices
Talk – Donny Zaldin “Alice’s Adventures in Toronto”
Talk – Andy Malcolm on the making of his short film, A Golden Afternoon (later renamed Sincerely Yours, Lewis Carroll)
Talk – Dayna McCausland “The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood”
Exhibit – Highlights of the Brabant Collection on display at the Fisher Library
KL 64
May 8, 1999Washington, D.C.
College of Preachers, Washington National Cathedral
Talk – Dr. Genevieve Brunet Smith “The Dream as a Source of Creation in Lewis Carroll’s Fantasy Works”
Talk – Dr. Georgianna Ziegler “Alice Reads Shakespeare: Charles L. Dodgson and the Girls’ Shakespeare Project”
Talk – Professor Robert Phillips “A Swarm of Bees: Personal Experiences Behind Aspects of Alice”
Exhibit – Schaefer Collection at the Schaefer home and Mall Collection at the Mall home
KL 63
Nov 7-8, 1998Los Angeles, California
University of California at Los Angeles
Huntington Library, San Marino
Talk – Dan Singer “Disney’s Alice in Theme Parks and Beyond”
Talk – Michael Dylan Welch “Trains to Moscow: A Comparison of Lewis Carroll’s Russian Journal and E. E. Cummings’ Eimi”
Talk – Anashia Plackis “Lewis Carroll: A Millennial View”
Talk – Charles Lovett “Lewis Carroll’s Favorite Play, or the Golden Don and The Silver King: An Examination of Henry Arthur Jones’ Groundbreaking Melodrama and An Analysis of its Attraction for Charles L. Dodgson”
Talk – Mark Burstein “Comic Sensibilities: Alice in the Funny Pages”
Talk – Hilda Bohem “The 1933 Paramount Production of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”
Talk – Maria Bodmann “Alice in the Shadows: A Presentation of a Balinese Wayang Kulit Alice”
Exhibit – “Snarks, Jabberwocks, Crocodiles, & Mice Tails: Lewis Carroll, the Poet and the Parodist, Illuminated” from the Bohem and UCLA Collections
Exhibit – Selections from the Huntington Collection
KL 62
Mar 28-29, 1998New York, New York
Fales Library in Bobst Library,
New York University
Pierpont Morgan Library
Talk – Professor Nina M. Demourova “Lewis Carroll in the Russian Wonderland”
Talk – Lorrie Goulet on the Jose de Creeft Statue of Alice in Central Park
Talk – Professor Donald Rackin “Tennysonian Connections in Lewis Carroll: The Sublime and the Ridiculous”
Talk – Professor Morton N. Cohen “Reflections on Lewis Carroll”
Exhibit – “Yours Very Sincerely. C .L. Dodgson (alias “Lewis Carroll),” a selection from the Lindseth Collection at the Grolier Club
KL 61
Oct 17-18, 1997Collegeville, Minnesota
St. Johns University and St. Benedict’s College
First Annual Conference on Creativity
Talk – Professor Michael Hancher “Tenniel’s Illustrations and Race at the Great Exhibition of 1851”
Talk – Interactive Alice in Wonderland play Professors Marty Andrews, Jennifer Galovich, and Michael Livingston
on “How Do We Understand Creativity?”
Talk – Professors Chuck Rambeck and Jim Murphy “Manipulation of Democracy: Simulations of Lewis Carroll’s Committee Problems”
Talk – Fr. Magnus J. Wenninger, O.S.B. “Polyhedra: Space Filling”
Talk – Professor Morton N. Cohen “Lewis Carroll’s Creativity”
Talk – Fernando J. Soto “Carroll’s Sense and Nonsense”
Talk – Professor James Poff “Insects in the Alice Books”
Talk – Professor Francine Abeles “Lewis Carroll’s Mathematical Inventions”
Talk – Professor David H. Schaefer “Versions of Alice in Early Movies”
Exhibit – Original Portraits from the Alice Books by Michael Osterweil
Exhibit – Selections from the Birenbaum Collection
KL 60
Apr 19, 1997New York, New York
Fales Library in Bobst Library,
New York University
Talk – Chatham Ewing “The Humor of Lewis Carroll”
Talk – Jeff Ellis “The Victorian Photographic Process, Using Carroll’s Photographs of Agnes Weld”
Talk – Professor Francine Abeles “Through a Glass Smartly: Lewis Carroll as Seen by Martin Gardner & Co.”
Exhibit – Selection of materials from the Berol Collection
KL 59
Nov 9, 1996Providence, Rhode Island
Brown University
Talk – Joel Birenbaum, August A. Imholtz, Jr., and others on Maxine Schaefer
Talk – Sherrie Ackerman-Ballou “The Soul of Sylvie”
Talk – George P. Landow “Victorian Studies on the World Wide Web”
Exhibit – Cyber-Alice on the World Wide Web
KL 58
Apr 27, 1996Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Environs
Rosenbach Museum and Library
Germantown Theatre Guild at Mehl House, Germantown
Talk – Alexi Panshin “Falling Down a Rabbit-Hole” Mark Hallen and Laura Filosa performing the “Wasp in a Wig” episode
Talk – Barbara Felicetti (moderator), Daniel Traister, John F. Warren, George M. Riter, and Kimball Higgs in the panel discussion “Your Collection’s Future: Down the Rabbit Hole…and into the Basement?”
KL 57
Oct 28, 1995Cleveland, Ohio
Jon and Ginny Lindseth’s Home
The Rowfant Club
Talk – Jim Kaval “History of the Rowfant Club”
Talk – Professor Morton N. Cohen “Where Do We Go From Here?”
Talk – Dr. Selwyn H. Goodacre “Lewis Carroll Collecting: Jam Yesterday, Jam Today‚ÄîWhat of Tomorrow?”
Exhibit – Highlights of the Lindseth Collection on display at the Rowfant Club
KL 56
Apr 22, 1995New York, New York
Columbia University
Talk – Andrew Sellon performed his one-man play “Through the Looking-Glass Darkly”
Talk – Holly Haswell on Lewis Carroll material at Columbia
Talk – William Appleton “Alice’s First Trip to America”
Talk – Michael Hearn “Why Is Tenniel Perennial?”
Exhibit – Selection of Lewis Carroll Centennial Material from the University’s Columbiana collection
KL 55
Nov 12, 1994Princeton, New Jersey
McCormack Hall,
Princeton University
Talk – Professor Edward Guiliano, Charles Lovett, and August A. Imholtz, Jr. on Stan Marx
Talk – Dr. Edvige Giunta “Wonderful Wonderlads: Lewis Carroll through James Joyce’s Looking Glosses”
Talk – Nina Cassian “‘Jabberwocky’ in Romanian”
Talk – August A. Imholtz, Jr. “‘Jabberwocky’ Revisited: More Nonsense?”
Exhibit – “Lewis Carroll: Some Fragments from the Mirror” from the Parrish Collection at the Firestone Library
KL 54
Jun 9-12, 1994Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Wake Forest University
Second International Lewis Carroll Conference
Talk – Charles Lovett “Alice and America”
Talk – Professor Morton N. Cohen “Reeling and Writhing with Lewis Carroll”
Talk – Christina Bj√∂rk “What Was Behind Alice’s Nursery Door: Behind the Making of The Other Alice”
Talk – Edward Wakeling “Mrs. Hargreaves Comes to the U.S.A.” Professor Julie Grossman “Escape from the Real:
Lewis Carroll, ‘Alice’ and Henry James’ Watch and Ward”
Talk – Dr. Selwyn H. Goodacre “The Nineteenth-Century American Alice”
Talk – Professor Donald Rackin “Mind over Matter: Sexuality and Where the ‘Body Happens to Be’ in the Alice Books”
Talk – Stan Marx “Memoirs of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America: The First Twenty Years”
Talk – Maxine Schaefer “My Twenty Years as Secretary of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America”
Talk – Professor Francine Abeles “Algorithms and Mechanical Processes in the Work of Charles L. Dodgson”
Talk – Professor Elizabeth Sewell “What Took You Through the Looking-Glass?”
Talk – Professor Donna White “The Game Plan of The Hunting of the Snark”
Talk – Professor Frankie Morris “Tenniel’s American Cartoons: A Civil War Extravaganza”
Talk – Dr. Anashia Plackis “Lewis Carroll as a Pioneer of Whole Language Philosophy”
Talk – Dr. Jan Susina “Imitations of Alice‚ÄîLewis Carroll and the Anxiety of Influence”
Talk – Anne Clark Amor “C. L. Dodgson: An Englishman Abroad”
Talk – Damon Butler “Lewis Carroll Around Britain: A Cycling Tour”
Talk – Professor David H. Schaefer “A Tribute to Lou Bunin and the First Alice Talking Picture”
Talk – Professor Francine Abeles, Professor David H. Schaefer, Joel Birenbaum, and Edward Wakeling in a panel discussion on “Lewis Carroll and Computers”
Auction: Mark Burstein, auctioneer
Exhibit – “Mathematical Works by Lewis Carroll,” selections from the Schaefer, Carlson, Goodacre, Lovett, Stoffel, and Wakeling collections
KL 53
Nov 20, 1993Cambridge, Massachusetts
Houghton Library,
Harvard University
Talk – Glen Downey “From Structural Resynthesis to Structural Affirmation: An Examination of the ‘Chess Problem’ in Through the Looking-Glass”
Talk – Professor Francine Abeles “Editing the Mathematical Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll”
Talk – Rosella Howe “The Harcourt Amory Lewis Carroll Collection: Its History and Content”
Exhibit – Selection from Amory Collection
KL 52
May 15, 1993New York, New York
Main New York Public Library 42nd Street
Talk – Susan Botti on her chamber opera Wonderglass
Talk – Professor Jeffrey Spear “Such Lovely Forms of Children: Charles Dodgson and the Eye of the Camera”
Talk – Dr. Nancy Finlay “Some Lewis Carroll Photographs and the Paintings of J. J. Tissot”
KL 51
Oct 17, 1992San Francisco, California
Gleeson Library,
University of San Francisco
Talk – David Rosenbaum “Did Queen Victoria Write Alice?”
Talk – Jacqueline Giuffre “Alice in Flowers”
Talk – Mark Burstein “To Catch a Bandersnatch”
Talk – Jonathan Dixon “Illustrating the Snark”
Talk – Rebecca White on her role in George Coates’ play Right Mind
Exhibit – Selections from the Burstein Collection
KL 50
May 2, 1992New York, New York
Fales Library in Bobst Library,
New York University
Talk – William Jay Smith “What is the Sense of Nonsense?”
Talk – Dr. William Orr “Alice in Esperanto: A Unique Language, Unique Problems”
Talk – Charles Lovett on Disney’s Alice cartoons, with a screening of Alice’s Egg Plant
Exhibit – Selection from the Berol Collection
KL 49
Oct 5, 1991Wheaton, Maryland
Wheaton Public Library
Talk – Professor David H. Schaefer on the Schaefer Collection
Talk – August A. Imholtz, Jr. “A Dozen Years of Carroll Collecting”
Talk – Alan Tannebaum on his collection
Talk – Dr. Selwyn H. Goodacre “Peripheral Carroll Collecting”
Talk – Cathy Newman “The Wonderland of Lewis Carroll”
Exhibit – House tours of the Schaefer, Imholtz, and Tannenbaum collections
KL 48
Apr 20, 1991New York, New York
Grolier Club
Talk – Jeffrey Maiden and Gary Graham “Chasing the Mouse’s Tale”
Talk – Stephanie Lovett “In Fancy They Pursue: Illustrations for Alice as Alternative Text”
Talk – Jane Breskin Zalben “What is the good of a book without pictures?”
KL 47
Oct 20, 1990Baltimore, Maryland
Enoch Pratt Free Library
Talk – Professor Peter L. Heath “Who is the Father of the Duchess’s Baby”
Talk – Professor Nina M. Demourova “On Translating Alice into Russian”
Auction: Stan Marx, auctioneer
Exhibit – Selections from the Pratt Collection
KL 46
May 12, 1990Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Osborne Collection of Early Children’s Books at the Toronto Public Library
Talk – Margaret Mahoney “Lewis Carroll Treasures in the Osborne Collection”
Talk – Joseph A. Brabant “Wouldn’t It Be Murder?”
Talk – Professor Douglas Chambers “Alice and the Girl with Lilacs”
Exhibit – Selections from the Osborne and Brabant collections
KL 45
Oct 11, 1989New York, New York
Pierpont Morgan Library
Talk – Adolf Green “My Lifelong Passion for Lewis Carroll”
Talk – Patt Griffin’s dramatic readings from Sylvie and Bruno
Talk – Professor Edmund Miller “Sylvie and Bruno: Style and Structure”
Exhibit – Selections from the Morgan Collection
KL 44
May 4-5, 1989Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Forsythe County Public Library
Talk – Professor David H. Schaefer introduced the screening of a 1915 Alice film
Talk – Dr. Elizabeth Sewell “The Nature of Nonsense”
Talk – Dr. Norma Rose “The Tradition of Theatrical Productions of Alice at Meredith College, Raleigh, North Carolina”
Talk – Charles Lovett “The Controversy over Victorian Stage Children and Lewis Carroll’s Role in that Controversy”
Exhibit – Selections from the Lovett Collection at the Library and a house tour of the collection
KL 43
Oct 15, 1988Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Free Library of Philadelphia
Talk – Professor Donald Rackin “Apes, Angels and the Alices: Lewis Carroll’s Darwinian Dream Visions”
Talk – Dr. Eileen Cahill “Treasures in the Rosenbach”
Auction: Justin Schiller, auctioneer
KL 42
May 14, 1988San Marino, California
Huntington Library
Talk – Dr. Thomas V. Lange “Lewis Carroll at the Huntington Library”
Talk – Professor Morton N. Cohen “Yes, Another Biography of Lewis Carroll”
Talk – Robert Hornback “A Garden Tour of Wonderland”
Exhibit – Selections from the Huntington Carroll Collection
KL 41
Oct 24, 1987New York, New York
Century Club
Talk – Dr. Bernard McTigue “Lewis Carroll in the New York Public Library: Profile of a Research Collection”
Talk – Dr. Genevieve Brunet Smith “Lewis Carroll, Ionesco, and the Theatre of the Absurd”
Talk – Patt Griffin “Rhyming Alice”
KL 40
Apr 25, 1987Baltimore, Maryland
Enoch Pratt Free Library
Talk – Dr. Anashia Plackis “Carroll’s Poetical Use of Hieroglyphic Symbolism: The Alice Books as Public Revelations of Dodgson’s Concealed Testament of Faith”
Talk – Professor Francine Abeles “Pun, Parody and Paradox: Lewis Carroll’s Mathematical Wit”
Talk – Dr. Robert Katz “The Hunting of the Holmes”
Selections from the Luchinsky and Schaefer collections
KL 39
Nov 15, 1986Boston, Massachusetts
Boston Public Library
Talk – Barry Moser “Alice and Dorothy: A Comparison”
Talk – Doris Frohnsdorf “A Bookseller’s Point of View”
Talk – Alexandre Reverend “Contemporary Musical Settings of Lewis Carroll’s Songs”
Exhibit – Alice diorama
KL 38
Apr 26, 1986New York, New York
Donnell Library of the New York Public Library
Talk – Stan Marx “Publication of Lewis Carroll’s Pamphlets by the LCSNA”
Talk – Wes Schmidt-Stumpf “Alice, Carroll’s Logic, and IBM Computers”
Talk – Lou Bunin on his 1948 Alice film
KL 37
Nov 9, 1985Austin, Texas
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center,
University of Texas at Austin
Talk – Dr. Sandor G. Burstein on Byron Sewell’s illustrations to a new Korean Alice
Talk – Dr. Roy Flukinger “Through Carroll’s Camera: Looking at the Photographs of Charles L. Dodgson”
Talk – Robert N. Taylor “Lewis Carroll at Texas”
Talk – Dr. Selwyn H. Goodacre “A New Look at An Easter Greeting”
Talk – John Wilcox-Baker on the Lewis Carroll Birthplace Trust
Talk – Lisa Bassett on the Sewell Carroll Collection
Exhibit – Selections from the Weaver, Gernsheim, and Sewell collections
KL 36
Apr 20, 1985Chicago, Illinois
Newberry Library
Talk – Professor Wendy Doniger O’Flaherty “The Paradox of the Dreamer Dreamt: The Red King and the Hindu God”
Talk – Susan Dean on illustrators of Alice
Talk – Dr. Phyllis E. Wachter “Ethel [Arnold] in Carrolland”
Exhibit – Sepia illustrations purportedly by the Dalziel Brothers
KL 35
Nov 17, 1984New York, New York
Fales Library in Bobst Library,
New York University
Talk – David del Tredici in conversation with Stan Marx
Talk – Professor Morton N. Cohen “Lewis Carroll in the Wings”
Talk – Dr. David R. Slavitt on a revisionist view of Lewis Carroll
Talk – Jeff Lunden and Arthur Perlman on their musical Once on a Summer’s Day
Talk – John Wilcox-Baker “Proposed Lewis Carroll Center in Daresbury, England”
Exhibit – Highlights from the Berol Collection
KL 34
Apr 7, 1984San Francisco, California
Gleeson Library,
University of San Francisco
Talk – Hilda Bohem “Alice and the Pirates”
Talk – Professor Robert Polhemus “Lewis Carroll and the Comedy of Regression”
Talk – Mark Burstein “As Pigs Have to Fly, or Who Really Wrote the Alice Books?”
Talk – Kate Kline May on producing her short film Alice Underground
Exhibit – Dolls in re-created Victorian costumes based on Tenniel drawings
KL 33
Jan 12, 1984Princeton, New Jersey
Firestone Library,
Princeton University
Talk – Joyce Carol Oates “Wonderlands” Mark Burstein on the history and activities of the West Coast Chapter of the Society
Talk – Professor David H. Schaefer on the Society over the past decade
Talk – Professor Morton Cohen on Lewis Carroll’s character
Talk – Professor Ulrich Knoepflmacher “Lewis Carroll and George MacDonald: Death, Light, and Grave”
Talk – Dr. Joyce Hines reminisces Michael Hearn on his grandparents’ acquaintance with Alice Hargreaves
Talk – Stan Marx “There’s Glory for You”
Talk – Dr. Alexander Wainwright on Alice and the Parrish Collection
Exhibit – Highlights from the Parrish Collection
KL 32
May 28, 1983Washington, D.C.
Folger Shakespeare Library
Talk – Dr. Constance M. Barrett on Russian translations of the Alice books
Talk – David and Maxine Schaefer on the installation of the Lewis Carroll Stone in Poet’s Corner of Westminster Abbey
Talk – Professor Peter Heath on Alician parodies
KL 31
Dec 11, 1982New York, New York
Main New York Public Library, 42nd Street
Talk – Dr. Ernest Abeles and Professor Francine Abeles on the Society’s summer trip to Oxford
Talk – Dr. Joyce Hines on the function of Oxford Common Rooms in Victorian times
Talk – Sabra Jones on the revival of Eva LeGallienne’s Alice in Wonderland
Talk – Professor Edward Guiliano on Carroll’s semiotics
Exhibit – Selections from the Berg Collection
KL 30
Jan 28-30, 1982New York, New York
The Pierpont Morgan Library
Sesquicentennial of Dodgson’s birth
Talk – Dr. Colin Ford “Lewis Carroll, Photographer”
Talk – Professor James Kincaid “Confessions of a Carroll Critic”
Talk – Professor Morton Cohen on curating the Morgan’s exhibit
Talk – Dr. Sandor G. Burstein “The Alice in Wonderland Syndrome”
Talk – Byron Sewell on Lewis Carroll’s influence in our everyday lives
Talk – Professor Peter Heath on the paternity of the Duchess’s baby
Talk – Dr. Edward Guiliano on the day’s anniversary events
Exhibit – Morgan Collection with original Alice manuscript on loan from British Library
Exhibit – Alice illustrations by Martin Barooshian at Gallery 70th Street
KL 29
May 8, 1981Cambridge, Massachusetts
Houghton Library,
Harvard University
Talk – Professor William Bond “The 1865 Alice”
Talk – Barry Moser “Illustrations to Wonderland”
Talk – Professor Francine Abeles “C. L. Dodgson’s Mathematical Ideas in His Political Pamphlets”
Talk – Professor Michael Hancher “Punch and Alice: Through Tenniels’s Looking-Glass”
Exhibit – Selections from the Harcourt Amory Collection
KL 28
Oct 18, 1980Roslyn, New York
Bryant Library
Talk – Dr. Beverly Lyon Clark “Nabokov’s Assault on Wonderland”
Talk – Stan Marx “Eight or Nine Words about Carroll Collecting”
Exhibit – Stan Marx Collection
KL 27
May 17, 1980New York, New York
Joseph L. Lubin House
of Syracuse University
Talk – Jack Bronston “The Political Alice”
Talk – Doris Frohnsdorf and Justin Schiller “Collecting Carroll”
KL 26
Oct 20, 1979Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Canady Library, Bryn Mawr College
Talk – Dr. James Tanis on Bryn Mawr’s acquisition of the Henry Holiday illustrations for The Hunting of the Snark
Talk – Professor Charles Mitchell’s slide presentation on the sequence in composition of the designs and text of The Hunting of the Snark
Talk – Dr. Edward Guiliano “Laughter and Despair: Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of the Snark”
Exhibit – Holiday’s Snark illustrations
KL 25
May 19, 1979New York, New York
Fales Library in Bobst Library,
New York University
Talk – Dr. Roger Henkle “Modes of Characterization in the Alices”
Talk – Professor Peter Heath on Morton N. Cohen’s edition of the Letters of Lewis Carroll
Talk – Herb Ahrend on his 1932 encounter with Alice Hargreaves
Talk – David and Maxine Schaefer on their visits to the British and Dutch Carroll Societies
Exhibit – Selections from the Berol Collection
KL 24
Oct 28, 1978Charlottesville, Virginia
Alderman Library,
University of Virginia
Talk – Dr. Anita Gandolfo “The Russian Journal and Letters of Lewis Carroll”
Talk – Professor Donald Rackin “The Return Voyage”
Talk – Professor David H. Schaefer screening Alice films
Exhibit -Alice continuations, imitations, pastiches, and parodies from the collection of Peter Heath
KL 23
May 13, 1978Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rosenbach Museum and Library
Talk – Suzanne Bolan on Dr. Rosenbach’s involvement with Alice
Talk – Dr. Edward Guiliano “Soaring with the Dodo”
Exhibit – Selections from the Rosenbach Collection
KL 22
Nov 5, 1977Catonsville, Maryland
University of Maryland Baltimore County
Talk – August A. Imholtz, Jr. “Greek and Latin Versions of ‘Jabberwocky’”
Talk – Tom Beck “Carroll’s Photographs of the Terry Family”
Talk – Stan Marx “Reminiscences of a Carroll Collector”
Exhibit – Selection of Carroll’s Terry photographs
KL 21
May 7, 1977New York, New York
Grolier Club
Talk – Professor Peter Heath on Symbolic Logic
Talk – David del Tredici on his composition Final Alice
KL 20
May 15, 1976Princeton, New Jersey
Princeton University
Talk – Professor Peter C. Bunnell on Carroll and the history of photography
Exhibit – Selections from the Parrish Collection
KL 19
May 3, 1975Wye Plantation, Maryland
Library of Congress
Home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Houghton, Jr.
Exhibit – Houghton Collection
Exhibit – The Library of Congress mounted a display of materials relating to the gift of the Alice manuscript to the British Museum
KL 18
Jan 12-13, 1974Princeton, New Jersey
Princeton University
Inaugural Meeting
Talk – Professor Morton N. Cohen on Lewis Carroll
Exhibit – Highlights of the Morris L. Parrish Collection
KL 17